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Roodberg Launch & Recovery Trailer - 4 Pages

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Roodberg Launch & Recovery Trailer

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During the time you are thinking how to get the boat ashore, the Roodberg recovery system has done the job! You don't believe it and want to be convinced? Ask for a free demonstration or advice from your Roodberg Boathandling specialist and you will not believe your eyes!

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horizontal transport Over all kinds of terrain Over public roads With the low version y^^^models, you can use your door height and width to the maximum. This model can transport with only 1 cm ground clearance! When you have more sailing yachts than motor boats, and there are no height restrictions, then you choose they^^^-models. Guaranteed the best choice for deep keel sailing yachts.

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Of course you can use your Roodberg trailer in combination with your existing lifting equipment and storage materials. Your handling will be raised to a superior level... • Fastest way of getting boats ashore • Can be used without additional lifting equipment • No need for expensive ground reinforcement • Open U-frame design • Hydraulic variable width • Length adjustable • Large soft pads to support the hull comfortably • Independent hydraulic lifting • Horizontal transport • Safety valves in all lifting cylinders • Transporting yachts in T-form cradles • Using existing storage materials...

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