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SPECIFICATION SHEET SPECIFICATIONS: RS117700R TOP DOWN FURLER SET FURLER RS017000R & TOP DOWN RS117060R TOP DOWN ATTACHMENT MWL = 2500kg (5510lb) BL = 5000kg (11020lb) RS017000R + RS117060R - TOP DOWN FURLER MWL = 5000kg (11020lb) BL = 10000kg (22040lb) MWL (TOP DOWN) = 2500kg (5510lb) BL (TOP DOWN) = 5000kg (11020lb) WEIGHT = 2470g (87.1oz) FURLER LINE Ø = 10mm (3/8") RS020010 - TOP SWIVEL MWL = 5000kg (11020lb) BL = 10000kg (22040lb) WEIGHT = 800g (28.3oz) SHACKLE = 12mm HR OPTIONAL TOP SWIVEL = RS020010D (HIGH DYNAMIC LOAD) RS017020T - SNAP SHACKLE ADAPTOR MWL = 4500kg (9900lb) BL = 9000kg (19800lb) WEIGHT = 380g (13.4oz) RS020040 - LUFF LINE THIMBLE MATERIAL = AL6061, ANODISED WEIGHT = 86g (3.0oz) THE DOCUMENT & THE DESIGN ON IT IS THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF RONSTAN INTERNATIONAL PTY. LTD. & IS THE SUBJECT OF COPYRIGHT. Series 170R Top Down Furler Spec Sheet

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Series 170R - 2

S170R Furler M Mainten nance M Manual M III – GUIDE ARM ALIGNMENT: I ‐ FURLIN NG LINE R REPLACEM MENT: The guide arm can be positioned d in line or at 90 degrees to o correctly alig gn the furler m mount with th he deck or bow wsprit attachm ment. t you will need: Metric Alle en/Hex key (#5 5), Ronstan Te ef‐Gel TG‐10. What We recommend: yester Braid: 1 10mm (3/8”) F FSE Robline Si irius 500. • Poly • High h performance rope: 10mm m (3/8”) FSE Robline SYS cov ver and Ocean n 3000 Dynee ema® core. A‐ Feed & s splice Feed one end d of the furling line through h the guide ro...

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