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Welcome We’re pleased to introduce you to our latest catalogue in digital format, bringing together in 280 pages the complete Ronstan product range. You’ll find all of our recent new releases, including: • New entries in the dinghy segment for blocks suited to higher loads in Series 20 and 30, alongside the all new Series 15 blocks and Series 19 C-track systems. Core Blocks™ now available up to the new Series 100, and the new range of Soft Attachment (SA) Blocks that pack a lot of versatility, grunt and performance into three compact sizes. A refreshing update to the range of sailing gear,...

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TRACK & TRAVELLER SYSTEMS Series 19 C-Track Series 25 T-Track Series 32 T-Track Series 19 I-Track Series 32 I-Track Ball Bearing Traveller Systems - Features & Information Series 14 Series 19 Series 22 Series 26 Series 30 Series 42 Series 55 Track Data Curved Track Data Small Boat Furlers Continuous Line Furlers - Features & Information Continuous Line Furlers & Accessories Ballslide™ Batten Systems - Features & Information Series 6 Series 8 Ballslide™ Car/Foot & Track Mounting Slug Information Track & Car Batten Systems - Features & Information Series 14 Series 19 Series 22 Series 26...

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Alphabetical Index A Andersen Bailers Andersen Stainless Steel Winches® All Purpose Utility Blocks Drain Plugs Soft Links Double Jaw Toggles Drink Holders Deck Organisers Ballslide™ - Batten Car Systems Electric Winches Batten Car Systems & Accessories Exit Blocks Batten Links & Receptacles Exit Plates Battlestick™ Tiller Extensions Ball Bearing Utility Blocks Beam Track Data Block Swivel Bases Blocks - Core Blocks™ Blocks - Industrial Blocks Blocks - Orbit Blocks™, Keelboat Blocks - Orbit Blocks™, Small Boat Blocks - Keelboat Blocks - Exit Blocks - Foot/Cheek, Keelboat Blocks - Foot/Cheek,...

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Alphabetical Index M Mainsheet Cars Snap Shackle Blocks Mainsheet Cleat Units Snap Shackles Mainsheet Systems - Two-Speed Snatch Blocks Soft Attachment Blocks Manual Winches Mast Chocks Mast Hardware Mooring Buoy Orbit Blocks™ - Small Boat Outhaul Slides Outhaul Cars Spar Hardware Split Rings Stainless Steel Wire Stand-Up Springs & Boots Start Timer - ClearStart™ Stay Adjusters Swage Fittings - Hand Swage Terminals Pelican Hooks Swaging Dimensions Pins - Stainless Steel Swivel Cleat Units Pivoting Lead Blocks Parrel Beads Spinnaker Pole Cars Soft Shackles Spinnaker Hardware O Orbit Blocks™...

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FEATURES & INFORMATION Sports Blocks Ball Bearing Orbit sheave Ratchet block auto/manual models Dyneema® link or shackle head Adjustable cleat arms Ratchet block auto engagement Ratchet block holding power ORBIT BLOCKS Awesome Holding Power Ball Bearing Orbit Blocks™ have been engineered to achieve the highest possible strength-to-weight ratio, using composite reinforced polymer materials and a Dyneema® link attachment instead of metal components. Multiple gripping faces machined into our ratchet block sheaves work in conjunction with our unique cross-hole geometry, delivering up to 20:1...

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FEATURES & INFORMATION Sports Blocks Ball Bearing sheave All Purpose & Special Purpose sheave RopeGlide™ fairleads RopeGlide™ rings Versatile Shocks™ A BLOCK FOR EVERY PURPOSE All-Around solutions All Purpose versions are a great choice for durability and a long service life. They feature self-lubricating acetal polymer sheaves running on polished stainless steel Utility Blocks are an ideal match for the needs of everyday recreational sailing. They are designed for low-maintenance reliability and offer a choice of sheave/ bearing configurations depending on their intended use. races and...

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SPORTS BLOCKS ©Toby Bromwich SERIES 15 AP ATTACHMENT OPTIONS Control lines. Sheaves: UV stabilised acetal. Leech lines. Cheeks & rivets (Series 20): Grade 316 stainless steel. Shock cord tensioning systems. Frame/cheeks (RF13101): Impact resistant nylon. All Purpose Single block, loop head, black Single block, loop head, grey Single block, loop head, red All Purpose Single block, tube rivet head Double block, tube rivet head Single block, ferrule eye head Linked blocks, S20 + S20 Single block, loop head

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SPORTS BLOCKS Single loop head blocks include an O-ring to separate running line from head lashing or fixing. RF15151 & RF15151A cheek blocks feature lateral supports for improved mounting stability. RF133 Suits loop head single blocks Precision moulded acetal sheave running on stainless steel ball bearings provides high performance and low friction. Smallest and lightest ball bearing block available. RF613S - Suits RF15100 RF633S - Suits double and triple blocks RF1851 Suits loop head single blocks RF15174 pivoting lead block has 4-point fastening for load distribution and low profile. Can...

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SPORTS BLOCKS Dyneema® lashing supplied with RF25109HL Dyneema® lashing supplied with RF25109 Ideal for higher load applications RF21107 with webbing attachment RF21107 with Dyneema® link attachment RF21107 suits up to 10mm (3/8”) webbing or RF9003-07 Dyneema® link. Control lines. BB Sheave: High compression strength acetal. 2-stage ball bearing system. Leech lines. Cunninghams. HHL Sheave and bearing race: Grade 2205 stainless steel. Hollow hub for becket take-off. Load straps (RF21107): Grade 316 stainless steel. Cascading vangs. Frame/cheeks: Toughened, glass fibre reinforced nylon. Kite...

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SPORTS BLOCKS RF1850S 3mm (1/8”) slotted pin, suits loop top single blocks BL reduced to 500kg (1100lb) Precision moulded acetal sheaves running on stainless steel ball bearings provide high performance & low friction. SP versions feature a Nylatron® sheave suitable for rope and wire. High static and dynamic load capacity. Light weight. Versatile head fittings. Single block, swivel shackle head Single block, loop head Single block, becket, loop head Stand-up block Double block, 2-axis shackle head Double block, becket, 2-axis shackle head Double block, in-line Linked blocks, S20 & S20...

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