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Two piece carbon mast Over 200 already racing in USA and Australia Active International Class Association High performance racing Easy slipway or hoist launch Easy spinnaker chute launch Easy to tow & fast to rig/de-rig Sailing for all the family All built in the UK 6.40 m 2.50 m 340 kg 100 kg Lead "bulb" keel 33 cm - keel up 1.37 m - keel down and fully bolted for sailing Main & Jib-23.44 m2 Spinnaker - 39.54 m2 Two, three or four Ideal weight 220-270 kg © Longlasting Mylar main and jib Asymmetric kite for high performance fun © Solid deck to walk on Easily launched bowsprit © Simple sail...

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Viper 640 - 3

WILL A VIPER SUIT ME? It's a perfect balance of dinghy and keelboat' 7 fell in love with it from the first trial sail* If you are looking for the perfect compromise between the performance of a dinghy and the stability of a keelboat, the Viper 640 sportsboat is the answer. It enables you to sail as part of a dinghy fleet with a Portsmouth Yardstick number or enjoy keelboat racing with an IRC rating. This flexibility makes the Viper a clear winner. It is easy to tow behind any medium sized vehicle and quick to rig. It normally takes about 45 minutes to fit the mast, boom and sails. The...

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Viper 640 - 4

About The Design The Viper 640 was designed by Brian Bennett with the concept of being “Simple, Clean and Effective”. When Rondar Raceboats took over construction, they committed to new moulds and applied their high performance dinghy building skills to the Viper. The result - an immensely strong boat, but at low weight. The Viper is a strict One-Design Class making it ideal for national and international racing. The International Class There is already a large fleet in the USA; more than 230 by the end of 2013. This fleet is supported by a Rondar production facility in Boston, which...

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Viper 640 - 5

FAQ's Where is the Viper 640 made? It is produced by Rondar Raceboats in their UK production facility, Wiltshire Can the Viper be launched on a slipway? Yes, it can be easily launched off the trailer. You need about 60cms (2 feet) depth of water for it to float off. It is also just as easy to recover. Can the boat be towed by family saloon car? Yes, most reasonably sized family cars can tow the Viper on its Rondar built trailer. Is it simple to rig? Yes, it can usually be rigged in under 45 minutes. The mast can be lowered or raised by two people, either by hand or using the spinnaker...

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Viper 640 - 6

PERFORMANCE & COST COMPARISON OF KEELBOAT CLASSES HANDICAP INFORMATION VXONE SIZE Length(m) Width (m) SAIL AREA Main & Jib (m) Gennaker (m) WEIGHT Displacement (kg) SPEED IRC Rating PY Number CREW COST Plus VAT Trailer Sails Cover Antifoul Included Included Included No R/A IRC: 1.010 (provisional) Class IRC applied for.

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