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The Viper 640 is a straight forward one design performance race boat. It combines the stiffness of an open keelboat with the acceleration and planning abilities of a dinghy. The Viper is a joy to sail with a precise and exhilarating feel on the helm, a comfortable open cockpit for 3 people, strict one-design class rules and ease of launching at any tide. Hull & keel weight: 340 kilograms Mast: Carbon Sail area: Main/jib 23m2 Innovative from the very start, the design concept was for 2 or 3 crew sailing a fast, easily driven hull, offering exhilarating sailing. It had to be physically easy...

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The Rondar Enterprise hull is based on a mould taken from the World Championship winning boat. In 2010 the class approached us and decided to have the deck and internal design changed to both enable better and stronger construction in composite materials. While doing so the layout and look has been change to help with buoyancy and drainage after a capsize. All without sacrificing the integrity of the one design nature of the class. Sailing weight: 124 kilograms Rondar Boats have been building and supplying the 505 dinghy for over 25 years and are now the predominant supplier to the fleet....

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Rondar Raceboats have built quality racing dinghies and keelboats for over 40 years. In that time boats built by Rondar have been used to win over 20 world championships and 100s of National championships. Today Rondar Raceboats continue to be innovative in the design and construction of both new and traditional classes to provide quality race boats that last. www.rondarboats.com ^^^^ RONDAR RACEBOATS LIMITED UNITS 5 & 7, STATION YARD EDINGTON, WESTBURY

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