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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 2

It's our #1 selling slalom ski world wide ! A great ski for all advanced and intermediate skiers.The carbon graphite'Hot Zone' lets you really dig into those super sharp, super fast, adrenaline pumping turns.The'Free Flow' sintered base reduces surface tension; increases acceleration. It all adds up to perfoRMance control ! Available with Front Hi-Wrap Lace Up Binding & Rear Toe Plate OR 'Track Lock'Adjustable Binding. Wild Spirit This unique RM design is so responsive we're sure it wi improve your skiing ability almost immediately.The 70° edge bevel gradually folds into a rounded 45°...

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 3

Rail Pro Comp This incredible ski is designed for serious slalom skiers. Top competitors agree that when fierce short line slalom work is the order of the day, then Rail Pro Comp is an awesome weapon ! In the heat of competition the demand for precision edge control and unmatched acceleration are the only things that count. And that’s just what this remarkable hand crafted ski gives you – POWER & PERFORMANCE. Available in two striking colour combinations: White with Grey highlights and fitted with Double Hi-Wrap Lace Up Bindings OR Black with ‘Shadow’ highlights and fitted with Front...

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 4

Cutlass Carver This superb carving ski is a winner in all circles. ■ A super side cut parabolic shape that cuts and carves on demand. Full bevel edges and a deep dish concave ensures that the Cutlass is equally at home in a competition slalom course or free style skiing wherever H20 exists ! And, the wide forebody design is ideal for heavier persons to ride at slower speeds. and yet still make smooth effortless carving turns. Available with Front Hi-Wrap Lace Up Bindings and RearToe Plate OR'Track Lock'Adjustable Binding. LiP Rebel junior Slalom LA A purpose built junior size concave slalom...

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 5

lynamic Combo Learning to ski on this RM combo pair is so easy - and so much fun! Features include a tunnel concave under section for stable tracking and precisely bevelled edges for smooth stable turns.The pro design shape provides lift from deep water starts and coordinates overall balance and control. Available in two separate colour A) Plum Red with Soft Grey highlights. Fitted with Series 300'Speedlok' Squeeze Trigger Ratchet adjust bindings with rear slalom toe OR B) Jacarandah Purple with striking Yellow highlights. Fitted with Series 400'Easy Rider' quick adjust bindings including...

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 6

PFD BUoyancyvests X-FACTOR: The Pro Rider’s choice. 3D contour moulded Super Soft flotation foam. Smooth & trendy Lycra is streamlined to fit like a second skin. Full length chunky zipper + adjustable cinch strap. Available in six hot colours. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL # RM-040

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 7

ASA, CE, USCG, CCG Approved Men RS Ladies U LO CO RS U LO CO Junior RS U LO CO SUPER SOFT Neoprene: Comfy Neoprene outer + NEW Super Soft flotation foam. Font Zip + 40 mm wide cinch straps. Maximum Protection & Comfort. Sizes: Men XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL # RM-070 Ladies: 8,10,12, 14, 16 (XS-XL) # RM-071 Junior: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 (age group) # RM-072

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 8

EESTYLE: Ideal for all water sports action • Excellent Fit and Comfort. • 4 separate 30mm wide adjustable straps. • Unique tension sleeve system. SPORTS STAR: Great Fit & Comfort • Strong impact resistant • 240 denier nylon body. • Deep cut arm holes. • 3 extra wide SOmm adjustable straps. JUNIOR SPORTS STAR: Ideal for Young Champions • Form Fit Size to Suit. JET STAR: Pull Over Design With Easy & Practical Side Entry • Strong 420 denier'Rip Stop' nylon. • Extra wide SOmm adjustable straps.

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 9

ASA, CE, USCG, CCG Approved e Panel Reflectiv Whistle & Safety into built Raider all Sea reasure & Tiny T ckets Life Ja RS U LO CO EASY RIDER: Excellent Multi Function Design • Full Length Zip & Wide Safety Cinch Strap. Very comfortable & Ideal for Sailing, Skiing & General Boating Activities. Available in 6 Great colours. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XL # RM-005 SEA RAIDER LIFE JACKET: A must for all open blue water activity. Roll form collar. Super buoyant closed cell flotation foam. Chunky Zipper + cinch buckle. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL # LJ-100 TINY TREASURES LIFE JACKET • Ideal to suit your...

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 10

World Champion & European Champion REALLY SERIOUS This amazing board is the epitome of perfoRMance PLUS ! If you're a top wake board competitor you already know the outstanding perfoRMance features built into every A technical composition of 45/45 Kevlar power zone is married together with a super strong, light weight bi-axial carbon graphite construction.The translation is finite feel, torsional rigidity and instant response to the rider's commands.The effect is truly awesome ! Sharp thin profile edges couple up with a subtle concave work surface to give pin point accuracy in turns and...

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 11

with plenty of Spice. A purpose built board for chicks who really This is a dedicated Ladies board custom designed by RM to let you to truly strut your stuff. Lightweight and responsive with exceptional traction control; hard carving and great lift off the wake. Four wide stance fins gives you the advantage and confidence Keep your eye on the hot trendy graphics !

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 12

Tallun Rose: RM Team Rider Caution - addictive stuff ! Stoke up the boat; pump out the music; Cactus Juice will really blow your mind ! If you want a board that knows no limits; lives within no boundaries; heeds no challenge; then grab a Cactus Juice and go stomp out an Ingredients: Fibreglass and carbon graphite 'web' wrap; epoxy resin impregnated; blown closed cell foam core with carbon batten insert; stainless steel binding retention system; poly-acrylite top sheet and 'dura clear' running surface. Four wide stance fins - and a whole lot more just for good measure ! TECH SPECS: Weight...

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45 Years - Action Water Sports Catalogue - 13

.This Pro design board is an absolute'buzz' to ride. The complex bottom shape gives positive edge control; excellent carving AND outrageous air off the wake. It's also chock full of carbon graphite and other tough goodies. This superb RM designed recreational to aggressive board is a buzz word for perfoRMance and value in the wake board world Built to enjoy the wake from a stunt pilot's perspective...upside down !! But whether it's upside down or right side up, this'funky' ended RM designed board has got all the tricks of the trade under it's command. Get on it; ride it hard; or ride it any...

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