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Underway Replenishment (UNREP) - 2 Pages

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Underway Replenishment (UNREP)

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Underway Replenishment (UNREP) A complete range of replenishment systems for the world’s navies Rolls-Royce has provided long term support to the British Royal Navy and Royal Auxiliary Fleet for more than a hundred years. We offer our customers total engineering solutions and navies around the world have benefited from our commitment, engineering innovation and responsive service. Our underway replenishment equipment is in service with the navies of the UK, Canada, Greece, Australia, Iran, Venezuela, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Portugal, Chile and Poland. (A) Large derrick rig This arrangement consists of a derrick which is stowed in the vertical position and deployed by topping out over the ship’s side using a topping winch. Two saddle (trough) winches position the refuelling hose which is suspended from the derrick. A third winch and line is used to recover the hose after the refuelling is completed. Application The rig is used to refuel all types of vessel, including smaller units, as the lateral forces generated are considerably less than with a highline or jackstay rig. Used with NATO breakable spools or quick release coupling (QRCs). Application The rig is suitable for refuelling all sizes of vessels from small frigates upwards, in conjunction with the probe type of coupling. Although the derrick is permanently latched back for this type of operation, it can be converted to operate as a topped out derrick and used as described in A. (C) Jackstay rig This rig uses a jackstay wire to support the refuelling hose in a similar manner to that described in B, however a fixed post or portal is provided rather than a latched back derrick. The jackstay auto-tensioning winch is of much higher power, allowing operations in high sea states and adverse ship headings, and multi-hose refuelling. Application This rig is usually fitted in larger tankers and is particularly suited to refuelling of medium to large size naval units. Both QRCs and probe couplings can be used with the rig, depending on the equipment aboard the receiving ship. (B) Latched back derrick rig A variant of the large derrick rig in which the derrick is secured in the upright position throughout. With the derrick in this position, a highline wire, controlled by an auto tensioning winch, is passed through rollers in the derrick structure to a strong point on the receiving ship. The ‘highline’ supports the refuelling hose which is carried on three saddles, controlled by three saddle winches, and run out along the highline. Underway Replenishment (UNREP)

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(D) Astern rig In this rig, a buoyant fuel hose, stowed on a reel, is streamed astern of the supply vessel so that it is approximately 12m to port of the receiving ship. The last 30m of the hose is allowed to form a bight before being brought onboard the receiving ship and attached to its fuel connection. To enable the receiving ship to keep the correct distance astern of the supply vessel, a separate float is streamed by the latter vessel from a boom on the ship’s side aft and the receiving ship keeps station on this. Application This is used for rough weather fuelling or when a number of...

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