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Steering & stabilisation brochure - 24 Pages

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Steering & stabilisation brochure

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Rolls-Royce Steering and stabilisation Set a course for optimum reliability and performance

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Systems that keep vessels safely on course and comfortable in all conditions Since pioneering electro-hydraulic steering gear nearly a century ago, we continue to develop new systems for vessels ranging from large tankers to super yachts. Customers benefit from the world leading hydrodynamics expertise and the design resources of the Rolls-Royce rudder, s ­ teering gear, stabilisation and propulsion specialists, who cooperate to address and handle challenging projects and deliver system solutions. This minimises technical risk as well as m ­ aximising vessel performance.

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Contents: Steering gear Customer support move make the right

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Steering gear The SR series is designed with integrated frequency controlled pumps. Rolls-Royce supplies a complete range of steering gear, suitable for all types and sizes of ships. The products are designed as complete steering systems with the actuator, power pack, steering control, alarm and rudder angle indicating system in mind, and can therefore be delivered with complete control systems, including control panels with start/stop, non-follow-up and follow-up, mode selection, alarm panels and rudder angle indicators or just a portion of this. The system is also prepared for interface...

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The Rolls-Royce series of rotary vane steering gears has been manufactured for more than 60 years, with more than 30 000 machines delivered. The principle of a rotary vane gives more flexibility when choosing the design and types of rudder, thanks to the rudder angles of up to 2 x 70°. The rotary vane principle also ensures a constant torque throughout the steering sequence, providing the gear with maximum power output at all rudder angles. This makes navigation through narrow straits or busy shipping channels safer, because maximum torque and steering time can always be achieved, resulting...

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Steering gear Rotary vane steering gear for larger vessels The RV and IRV series are suitable for ­ edium-sized to m large vessels. The RV series steering gear full turning speed on the rudder. The system ensures a very precise rudder positioning at small rudder angles during course keeping, while the full flow ensures full manoeuvring capability when needed. The Rolls-Royce RV series of steering gear has a proven ­ ervice s record on all types of vessels. Today’s range is suitable for m ­ edium-sized to large ships, including large container vessels and VLCCs. The weight is typically...

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4-vane steering gear This is a range of extremely compact rotary vane steering gear, which is suitable for medium to large vessels including tankers over 100,000 dwt. The 4-vane steering gear is a further development of the well proven range of steering gear with two and three vanes. The key advantages of this design are its compact size because of the four vanes and its light weight as well. The 4-vane steering gear is available as the standard RV model as well as the IRV model, which satisfies all statutory requirements for tankers over 100,000 dwt. This range also incorporates the proven...

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Steering gear Naval rotary vane steering gear Naval type of rotary vane ­ teering gear. s The Rolls-Royce naval type of steering gear systems with digital controls and autopilot have been selected by a large ­ umber of n the world's navies ­ ncluding the USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, i Australia and the British Royal Navy. The range has been developed ­ to integrate seamlessly with the vast ­ umber of applications ­ n ­ deployed in naval fleets. Typical applications: • Corvettes • Frigates • Destroyers • Aircraft carriers Rotary vane steering gear The compact size of the rotary vane...

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Steering gear Actuator type of steering gear Actuator steering gear has been supplied for the Royal Navy Type 45 destroyers. If problems occur with the hydraulic ­ riving mechanism, ­ eplacing d r an ­ ctuator is easier than a rotary vane or a ram type of steering a gear. The actuator gear is a cost-effective and reliable solution p ­ articularly ­ here full shock standards are not required. These w gears are bespoke ­ esigned to customer requirements and offer d high perfor­ ance at low cost. m The hydraulic power units can be configured to meet specific customer requirements. It can also...

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Integrated propulsion and manoeuvring system The best in propulsion and manoeuvring Promas integrates the propeller and the rudder into a single system to optimise hydrodynamic efficiency. A special hubcap is fitted to the propeller which streamlines the flow onto a bulb that is added to the rudder, effectively reducing flow separation immediately after the propeller. The result is an increase in propeller thrust as previously wasted energy is recovered from the flow. The addition of the bulb on the rudder also streamlines the flow aft of the rudder, further reducing drag. A twisted rudder...

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Integrated propulsion and manoeuvring system Promas with nozzle Promas + nozzle For efficient high bollard pull applications consumption in transit by 15% or more, and improve bollard pull by around 5%. Depending on the exact requirements the rudder may be either a one-piece design or a medium flap type. A natural evolution of the successful Promas, this system unites a new type of nozzle with an optimised propeller, hubcap, rudder bulb and a special rudder profile developed to provide very high steering forces yet minimise drag. It meets the requirements for large pulling power at low...

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Classic rudders Type CB for lower speeds A bulbous profile and large vane end plates improve low speed manoeuvrability. It shares the same profile as the FB flap rudder and is typically used for offshore supply, cargo, fishing and seismic vessels. Options: • Heel connection module • Wire guard Classic rudder For transit speeds the directional stability of the vessel must be ­ onsidered, we have developed and use advanced computer c p ­ rograms to simulate different manoeuvres such as the IMO c ­ riteria (zig-zag test), making it possible to evaluate different r ­ udder sizes and types in...

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