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Poscon joystick

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Fact Sheet Poscon joystick Independent joystick system Operator station The orders given by the vessel operator are transmitted on the Poscon digital network to the computer cabinet. In addition to the controller unit (Rolls-Royce Marine Controller), the computer cabinet contains a power supply unit, network interfaces (Ethernet and Can-bus) and I/O interfaces for propellers and thrusters. The Poscon controller calculates the required thrust to be set out by the various propellers, rudders and thrusters to move or position the vessel according to the command given from the joystick system. What is a Poscon joystick? Poscon is a joystick control system for manual vessel positioning and low speed manoeuvring. Poscon joystick has automatic heading function with high accuracy. A Poscon operator station consists of a joystick control device and a touch screen.In manual heading mode the vessel heading command is given by twisting the joystick handle. The joystick control device base contains a number of illuminated push buttons for selection of the most commonly used functions for joystick operation. Sensors A gyrocompass is connected via serial line to the Poscon controller which enables the Poscon to automatically keep the vessel heading. By means of the push buttons in the control device base, the operator may easily switch between manual/automatic heading and set or change heading. The Poscon system may be connected to a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) as an optional feature. This optional function gives the operator vessel speed and direction displayed on the Poscon screen. Proppeller/rudder and thruster interface The Poscon computer cabinet is fitted with I/O for Helicon X3 thruster/propeller control system and Rolls-Royce rudder control system. This interface requires one direct Ethernet link only per thruster/propeller. A number of interface units are available for thruster/propeller control systems that have traditional I/O. Flexibility The Poscon operator station consists of few and small components (Rolls-Royce Common Control Platform components) that make the bridge lay-out design very easy. The Poscon design enables various operator station solutions like Poscon integrated in Rolls-Royce operators chair, desk top mount or desk dropin mount. The operator station components can be delivered in a console, either for fixed mounting or as a portable console. The touch screen The touch screen displays all relevant information for the operator such as vessel position, heading, surge and sway speed, turning speed, thruster action etc. On the touch screen there are menus and sub-menus for functions and settings. Rolls-Royce Marine AS Control - Aalesund Service Box 22 N-6025 Aalesund, Norway Tel: +47 70 10 37 00 Fax: +47 70 10 37 01 © 2007 Rolls-Royce plc Whilst this information is given in good faith, no warranty or representation is given concerning such information, which must not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitment binding upon Rolls-Royce plc or any of its subsidiary or associated companies.

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