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Fuelling-at-sea systems - 6 Pages

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Fuelling-at-sea systems

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Fuelling-at-sea systems The choice for today’s modern navies

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Fuelling-at-sea systems ...Flexible...Modular...All-electric Proven experience For over 50 years Rolls-Royce has supplied Britain’s Royal Fleet Auxiliary and other international navies with Replenishmentat-sea for stores (RAS(S)) and Fuelling-at-sea (RAS(L)) systems capable of refuelling and replenishing large and small vessels. The equipment, formerly part of the Clarke Chapman Marine product portfolio has been fitted to fleet tankers and stores ships to transfer liquids and solids at sea to a wide variety of ships in NATO navies, and has been tried and proven worldwide under all operating...

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Refuelling masts are specifically designed to suit the naval requirements. A wide range of hose diameters and configurations can be supplied. Mast The mast is designed by Rolls-Royce (with design approval by an independent regulator) to match the supply ship and the range of vessels it will refuel. It will normally be fabricated to the Rolls-Royce design and integrated within the ship by the shipbuilder. The FAS sheave and saddle wire sheave blocks are part of the Rolls-Royce supply. Hoses Dual and single fuel probe options can be supplied depending on customer requirements, together with...

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Winch mounting options For installation simplicity and ease of maintenance, winch modules are usually deck mounted behind the mast. Where deck space is limited and to allow the naval architect flexibility in vessel design, the jackstay winch can be mounted below deck underneath the mast and the saddle winches nearby. Relocation is a simple matter of rerouting power cables and maintaining acceptable cable/sheave geometry. Station Keeping The system is designed to operate satisfactorily under the following operational range: Horizontal working: 30o forward to 30o aft Vertical working: 15o...

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Liquids and solids handling is our business Keeping naval fleets supplied with fuel, food and stores Other refuelling systems Dependant on customer requirements, Rolls-Royce can supply alternative methods of fuel transfer as new equipment or for retrofit: Astern refuelling The astern refuelling rig is installed in the stern quarters of the supply ship. Using this system ships can be refuelled, even in heavy seas at speeds up to 15 knots. Large Derrick rig In service with many navies, provides additional flexibility to refuel smaller ships. Solids handling. Solids handling Rolls-Royce is...

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Through-life support Although maintenance requirements have been minimised on the latest handling systems, maintenance programmes are an integral part of the dedicated Rolls-Royce service. Everything from maintenance manuals and record keeping to on-board maintenance programmes can be tailored to individual requirements. With offices in 34 countries a 'global but local' approach means you are never far away from OEM service and genuine spares provision should it be needed. Customers can also select from additional services that range from ILS analysis, ARM analysis to safety and FMECA...

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