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Diesel & gas engines brochure - 16 Pages

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Diesel & gas engines brochure

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Rolls-Royce Diesel and gas engines Reliable power

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Rolls-Royce is a leading developer and producer of medium speed diesel and gas propulsion engines and generator sets. A supplier with the capability to meet your requirements regarding performance and cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is your assurance of the highest levels of quality, performance and applications expertise, and Rolls-Royce has a truly international presence providing service and maintenance support worldwide.

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Engine technology Bergen BL- and BV-serie Bergen C-series Gas engine technology Upgrading, spare parts and training Customer support

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Engines for a better environment Rolls-Royce provides complete diesel or gas-powered propulsion systems ‘from the bunkering flange to the propeller thrust’. There is a proud tradition behind the Bergen engine series. Since 1943 we have developed, manufactured and installed medium speed engines, meeting the requirement of ship owners and operators for robust, reliable and economical engines. Our engines meet the most stringent environmental requirements while delivering high performance. The marine diesel engines comply with the requirements of the IMO Tier II without any external cleaning...

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NOx emission for Bergen engines 18 16 14 Bergen engines are type-approved for operations as both main and emergency generator sets on mobile offshore drilling units after successful testing at 25 degrees of inclination. This eliminates the need of dedicated emergency generators, saving both money, space and weight. NOx emission for Bergen engines NOx emission for Bergen engines IMO limits for diesel engines B33:45 diesel C25:33 diesel with Clean Design notation B35:40 gas C26:33 gas Rated engine speed IMO limits for diesel engines B33:45 diesel C25:33 diesel with Clean Design notation...

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Diesel engines Bergen marine engines are supplied both for mechanical transmission, driving the propeller through a reduction gear, or as complete generating sets for electric propulsion or power generation. Our engines are known for their durability and mechanical strength. In addition they provide maximum reliability, ease of maintenance and a proven low life-cycle cost. All Bergen engines are designed under a common design philosophy with focus on optimum load response, optimal fuel economy and meeting emissions regulations. Optimum load response is based on the Pulse...

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Bergen BL- and BV-series engines Bergen B33:45 allows 100% power take out either from pump end or flywheel end. General description • increased power within the same footprint, and potential for fewer cylinders with lower weight and cost • a compact modular design and a base engine suitable for liquid or gas fuel • dynamic and extended service intervals The new Bergen B33:45 engine from Rolls-Royce carries forward the Bergen range of diesel and gas engines, offering 600 kW per cylinder in a compact engine design. The new engine range offers industry leading fuel consumption and emission...

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Bergen BL- and BV-series engines Compact and modularised design Throughout the B33:45 a modular design approach has been employed, giving an engine that is rational to produce, resulting in a competive cost per kilowatt and straightforward overhauling. The crankcase is designed to incorporate air and oil galleries to minimise the number of external pipes with increased stiffness of the engine block. The design ensures very low levels of vibration. The crankcase carries the fully balanced crankshaft which has bolt-on balance weights and is dimensioned so that full power can be taken from...

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Bergen C25:33L9P diesel engine. The C-series engine is based on a simple and robust design with a reduced number of components, allowing the operator ease of maintenance. It is rated at 330kW/cyl. and is equally suitable for main propulsion, either with mechanical transmission or as a marine generating set. With 6, 8 and 9 cylinders in-line, the Bergen C-series has a range of operating speeds from 900rpm to 1,000rpm and can be supplied for powers of 1,843 to 3,000kW.

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The need for vessels to meet increasingly demanding emission levels, particularly near coasts, has seen a rapid rise in the popularity of LNG (liquefied natural gas) and a corresponding increase in availability. With some countries now offering tax incentives for low emissions, LNG is set to become an important marine fuel of the future. Bergen lean-burn gas engines are designed to burn LNG and are derived from the robust Bergen B diesel range. They share many common components, but with an increased cylinder bore of 350mm. Bergen B-series in-line and C-series gas engines are currently in...

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Lean-burn technology Rolls-Royce was a pioneer in developing modern lean burn gas engine technology, which it has applied to several hundred engines. A lean-burn engine operates on the Otto cycle with mixture com-pression and an external ignition source. A rich gas/air mix in a precombustion chamber is ignited and forms a strong ignition source for the very lean mixture in the cylinder for knock-free combustion. This allows the cylinder power to be greatly increased with high efficiency and reduce emissions. Key features - Bergen gas engines: • Excellent fuel economy and lowest emissions...

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Upgrading is a good investment Upgrading and using the correct OEM replacement parts can pay d ­ ividends in vessel performance and fuel savings. ­ To keep your vessel operating at peek efficiency, and sometimes ­ improve performance, we provide a variety of upgrading ­ solutions. Once a product is in service, it is expected to last 25 years or more. During that time there will be ­ hanges in product design c ­ ­ and the technology available. ­ Worldwide exchange pool Rolls-Royce has created a large pool of exchange Bergen engines parts and assemblies to ensure customers’ benefit from...

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