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The key to efficient cargo carrying cargo carriers

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SYSTEM SOLUTIONS SHIP DESIGN PROPULSION AND MOTION CONTROL Solutions to your marine needs Rolls-Royce provides an unrivalled range of products and services to the marine industry. With production facilities in 9 countries and a comprehensive support network worldwide, we are a global supplier of marine solutions. Decades of intensive research, development, refinement and production of world-famous products and services have resulted in cutting-edge ship design and ship equipment for cargo carriers. Our solutions are based on the latest technology and close customer cooperation throughout...

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MANOEUVRING SYSTEMS DECK MACHINERY GLOBAL SUPPORT Cargo carriers Rolls-Royce provides marine solutions for effective transportation of cargo to wherever you choose to do your business. It’s simply the key to efficient cargo carrying.

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System solutions Thruster systems Electrical podded propulsion systems Propulsion systems • NVC-Design • Tailored equipment • Consultancy • Finance Design and ship systems • Steering gear • Rudders • Thrusters • Azimuth thrusters • Tunnel thrusters • 360o azimuthing pulling propulsion unit • C.P. propellers • F.P. propellers • Adjustable bolted propellers (ABP) • Reduction gears • Turbines and diesel engines

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Waterjet propulsion Deck machinery • Waterjets • Turbines • Reduction gears • Anchoring and mooring systems • Folding fin stabilisers • Non-retractable stabilisers • Thrust bearings • Propeller shaft bearings • Bulkhead sealing glands Choosing one supplier pays Our ability to deliver complete and competitive ship systems for cargo vessels secures you definitive compatibility with minimal design and engineering costs. Delivery, installation and support are also more efficient thanks to our extensive global network. We provide a wide range of system solutions, ranging from automation systems...

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Ship Design The customer’s vision sets the course. Our specialist skills and technical expertise allow us to innovate. The result – ship design second to none. The basic purpose of a cargo carrier is to earn money as cost-effectively as possible. At Rolls-Royce, we never lose sight of this fundamental requirement. Our technical expertise and decades of experience in designing and developing cargo vessels in close collaboration with our customers are the keys to our cost-efficient designs. New ships and systems take shape after exhaustive evaluations. The strong interaction between the...

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Expertise at your service Ship name: Owner: Type: Design: Yard: MV “Astrea” Finncarriers OY AB, Finland Abt. 128 m Sto-Ro/Cont. bulk carrier NVC-Design Aker Yards, Langsten Ship name: Owner: Type: Design: Yard: MV “Autopride” UECC, Norway Abt. 129 m Ro-Ro/Car carrier NVC-Design Frisian Welgelegen Scheepswerf, Netherlands Ship name: MV “Lysvik” Owner: DFDS Lys-Line AS, Norway Type: Abt. 102 m Sideloader/Newsprint/ Container vessel Design: NVC-Design Yard: ABG Shipyard, India Ship name: Owner: Type: Design: Yard: MV “Hamnö” United Shipping Ltd AB, Finland Abt. 122 m Sto-Ro/Trailer vessel...

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Efficient transport at open sea and precision manoeuvring in tight harbours are essential for your business. Rolls-Royce provides you with these advantages.

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Control systems • Remote controls for propeller and thruster systems • DP systems Automation systems • Multifunctional automation systems • Switchboards and control consoles Developed to put you ahead of the competition Rolls-Royce is a major supplier of propulsion, manoeuvring and motion control systems for cargo carriers. The knowledge and expertise in hydrodynamics, electronics and close cooperation with the cargo ship owners and operators puts us in the unique position to offer some of the world’s most effective systems. Solutions with optimised design, long-term reliability and high...

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Winches Rolls-Royce is the market leader in anchoring and mooring systems. This position is achieved by working closely with our customers to constantly

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The place to turn for reliable and cost-effective anchoring and mooring systems Rolls-Royce provides a broad spectre of winch systems for cargo vessels, from the roughest and most severe conditions on the open cargo deck to the smoother environment below deck. The product range is based on a modular concept to allow proven and reliable customised solutions to be supplied for Deck Machinery • Anchoring and mooring systems individual anchoring and mooring system applications. Special attention has been paid to high reliability, easy installation and silent operation. The power source can be...

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Engines and turbines C-engines KVG-gas engines Generating engines • Bergen C-engines with outputs from 1800 - 3000 kW • Bergen B-engines with outputs from 3000 - 8000 kW • Bergen KVG-gas engines with outputs from 1200 - 3970 kW • Bergen generating engines with outputs from 1200 - 8000 kW All the power you ask for To achieve the optimum solution for your cargo carrier you need a reliable partner who knows your business and keeps your vessel going, year in – year out. The Rolls-Royce engines for cargo carriers derive from our ability to focus on and respond to the needs of the cargo ship...

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Power with no compromise. Reliability second to none. Profitable operation from day one. Rolls-Royce engines give a new perspective to your business.

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Global service and support The Rolls-Royce service and support concept has been developed to secure complete life-cycle support for your ship and its equipment. Our goal is to make your investment profitable for as long as possible, and to protect your values through our dedicated and global service network. We enable you to choose the kind of service level you need in the most cost-efficient way. Choose between day-to-day servicing, service agreements or a comprehensive service solution. Our service and support concept is based on reliability, determination and the expertise to carry out...

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