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NEW Azimuthing permanent magnet thruster

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AZ-PM combines a ring-type permanent magnet electric motor, propeller and nozzle in a tightly integrated propulsion unit. It offers improved efficiency and simplicity compared to conventional geared azimuth thrusters with separate electric motors in the thruster room. The rotor of the motor forming a ring around the propeller blades combined with advanced blade shapes, suppresses or eliminates cavitation. The motor stator is incorporated in the nozzle which controls water flow and provides increased thrust over a wide speed range. The underwater unit can be rotated in azimuth to give...

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The AZ-PM thruster is the latest in a range of Rolls-Royce propulsion products using its permanent magnet technology. This technology is based on electric drive where the motor is in the form of a ring round the propeller. The moving part of the ring is a rim around the propeller blades which carries a series of strong permanent magnets. The rotor, fitted within a series of magnets, turns within an outer ring which form the stator. When current is supplied to the motor from the variable frequency power supply the electromagnets are excited in a particular sequence and the resulting magnetic...

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Development and verification Rolls-Royce has invested heavily in research, development and verification programmes to ensure that the existing and future PM thruster products are robust, efficient and reliable, also meeting customers’ wishes for ease of installation and servicing. Around the millennium PM technical possibilities were explored and calculations made, resulting in a 50kW tunnel thruster whose physical proportions were chosen to give answers on the electrical side that would apply to larger units. This unit was run for long periods in a water tank. The results were encouraging...

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Developement & verification Prop. Power & Operation Time Propulsion power & operation time As built, the ship had diesel operated Gunnerus is owned and electric propulsion in a traditional twin screw and rudders arrangement. The original high speed diesel by NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology based in with extremely flexible gensets are retained, and these are fitted Trondheim. The 31.25m long vessel noise potentially affecting mountings to stop any structure-borne is equipped to carrypart of the conversion work the propellers, research results. As out research in the...

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Reliability, performance and efficiency The AZ-PM thrusters have now been propelling Gunnerus for more than a year as the ship carries out its intensive research support schedule. Since the conversion was from shaftlines and rudders to PM azimuth thrusters with the existing generator sets, exact comparisons before and after can be made. Bollard pull has increased by 20%, and speed has increased by about one knot over the range for the same input power. Course stabilty is good, and manoeuvrability greatly improved. Station keeping and propulsion thrust response are better, valuable...

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Aalesund (Head Office, Commercial Marine) (Control Systems) (Ship Design, Fish, Specialised and Merchant) (Cranes) (Rudders) (Training Centre) Tel: +47 815 20 070 Bergen (Engines) (Foundry) (Steering Gear) (Power Electric Systems) Tel: +47 815 20 070 Brattvaag (Deck Machinery, Steering Gear and Subsea) Tel: +47 815 20 070 Hj0rungavag (Ship Design Offshore) Tel: +47 815 20 070 Rijeka Navis Consult Part of Rolls-Royce Marine Tel: +385 51 500 100 Kuala Lumpur (Naval Marine) Tel: +60 3 2026 1990 Dartmouth (Naval Undersea Systems) Tel: +1 902 468 2928 © Rolls-Royce plc 2016 The information in...

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