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Advanced Wireline Tension Frame - ATF - 2 Pages

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Advanced Wireline Tension Frame - ATF

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Fact Sheet Advanced Wireline Tension Frame - ATF 350 MT advanced wireline tension frame Automated - Radio controlled High speed winch for lifting of wireline tools Main winch for lifting and securing of lubricator assembly. Pivoting and hoistable work platform. Rolls-Royce delivers industry leading tension frames for safe and efficient coiled tubing and wireline operations in a completion/work-over system on floating units (semi-submersible rigs and drillships), enhancing operational efficiency, safety and predictability. The ATF wireline design is based on experiences from several previous designs. The product has strong emphasis on user friendliness and safe solutions. Tiltable lower beam with gate for easy and safe pick up of WLA/SFT Manipulator arm for safe guiding of the wireline lubricator during tool change. Synchronous rotation and hoisting with the main winch.

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Fact Sheet Dimension and weights: • Tool winch is equipped with spooling device and is mounted on a swing arm. Gives efficient and HSE-friendly lifting operations. • Tiltable lower beam for easy and safe pick-up of SFT. Hydraulic locking system. • The manipulator arm ensures safe and predictable lubricator handling Capacities: Load rating Work window (inside length) 8400 mm Main winch 5 MT capacity / 35m wire length Utility winch • The work platform enables access to all working levels at full vertical length of the ATF. 2 MT capacity / 30m wire length WL sheave hang-off point during...

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