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Acon - marine automation - 2 Pages

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Acon - marine automation

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Fact Sheet Acon - marine automation Ship control and monitoring Acon is our newest generation of integrated automation systems (IAS). Designed to control and monitor ship operational systems and equipment. The Rolls-Royce Acon IAS ensures a robust, exible, modern and reliable ship environment. Built-in features and functions: - Control and monitoring - Alarm system - Cargo control - Advanced power management - Tank sounding - Ballast operations - Health monitoring - Economy and environment - Data logging and trending - Load and stability calculator Integrated solutions Acon is scalable and comes as a multipurpose integrated solution, or as a standalone system. It can be connected to the Rolls-Royce Ship Integration Network for easy information sharing between shipwide systems and equipment. Common control platform Acon is built on our standardised software and hardware platform called Common Control Platform (CCP) which ensures seamless software integration, efcient upgrades and access to spare parts. Designed for usability The Acon user interface is tailored to the ship and gives the user access to the underlying ship systems through an ergonomic standardised interface specically designed for easy and safe operation. Advanced power managment Easier or automatic power mode selection for advanced hybrid ships with Acon IAS. Mode selection includes intuitive “singleaction” power management. Advanced power mode selection cuts fuel costs as well as ensuring green and flexible ship operations. LNG gas control Acon comes with complete automation solutions in LNG fuel technology for low NOx emission vessels. LNG fuel technology and Acon IAS is a smart combination to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Equipment health monitoring EHM with remote-access increases uptime, reduces maintenance cost and unscheduled downtime. A great tool for workflow scheduling. Winch interface Winches are among the largest power consumers and the most stability-relevant equipment on a AHTS ship. Full interfaces with winch equipment ensure a complete proactive approach to power management and ship stability. Wide product range The Acon IAS sits at the very heart of the Rolls-Royce line of automation and control products together with DP, drives, winches, engines, propulsion and bridge navigational watch alarm systems.

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Fact Sheet Acon alarm and monitoring system The ship’s alarm and surveillance system provides information to the operator about the condition of the power plants and machinery equipment. Peripheral panels with duty change watch system and alarm indication are integrated. Panels are located in the engine control room, on the bridge, in public rooms and cabins. A dead man system with separate panels may also be included for the engineer’s safety. Multifunctional displays allow the operator to choose which information is to be collected and presented together with class defined critical...

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