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Cross over to a Riviera adventure yacht

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Riviera 545 SUV - 5

The Riviera SUV Collection: Family and friends will thank you forever Next time you seem certain to be swamped by the incoming tide at work - everything wanted yesterday, or the day before - take a moment to reflect on the larger picture. There is a bigger world out there filled with wonder and adventure. Over 70% covered in water, and just waiting for you to discover it all. What better excuse could you have to run with the outgoing tide and explore all the highlights of both hemispheres on board your brilliant new Riviera SUV adventure yacht. of the classic Riviera Flybridge Collection,...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 6

Riviera 545 SUV: Just made for escape It is one thing to combine two types of craft, quite another to create an inspired new whole: a fresh class of luxury motor yacht which will forever change the way you think about and pursue your blue water activities. The renowned Riviera design team have set out to embrace ‘ultimate versatility’. The result is the spectacular Riviera 545 SUV, the entertaining meets exploration craft just made for escape - escape par excellence. Look around the expansive cockpit, suitably outfitted for your favoured water sports. Picture yourself cruising the great...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 9

Your escape starts here Your love affair with the Riviera 545 SUV commences from the moment you step on board with nonchalant ease through either of the double transom doors. Notice the sporty fibreglass hardtop 545 design feature above offering cockpit shelter and shade. The elegant teak decking at your feet. And the brilliant 360 degree views courtesy of the forward windscreen, tinted and tempered glass sliding side windows and rear door, and opening awning window - encased in rugged, gleaming stainless steel. Riviera designers have clearly thought of everything in what is, in effect, a...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 10

Safety over and above Children, grandchildren, friends of any age, even your pets… Riviera wants everyone to enjoy every part of your remarkable 545 SUV. That means placing a high emphasis on safe passage to the amazing and expansive forward deck. Up here, life takes on a different, refreshing perspective: new vistas and new possibilities at every turn. And thanks to Riviera ingenuity and attention to detail, getting there has never been easier. Wide side decks featuring thoughtfully placed handrails, a high side and bow rail and raised, toe-kick bulwarks, ensure safety and comfort, even in...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 12

Gloss Walnut timber finish

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Riviera 545 SUV - 13

The heart of the matter Has there ever been a more welcoming and inspired luxury yacht design than the Riviera 545 SUV? All that space, light, strength, luxury and practicality. So step into the heart of the vessel now, the saloon, and see what pleasures await. The rear bulkhead finished in tinted, tempered glass and housed in a ship-like, highly polished stainless steel frame, looks as good inside as it does out. (And being a Riviera will do so for decades to come.) Gloss Walnut timber finish Immediately to port, precisely where it should be for maximum interaction inside and out, is the...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 14

The spectacular saloon The saloon of the Riviera 545 SUV is spectacular in every way: a spectacular space to enjoy, admire and absorb the surrounding views. From the panoramic 360 degree windows to the touch-of-a button star lover’s sunroof, to the standard of furnishings and finish, Riviera designers have truly excelled. Whether you are enjoying the company of new found friends, entertaining or simply unwinding with your favourite people in the world, one thing is certain: you are in for a spectacularly fine time. Settle into the large L-shaped lounge to port and contemplate the views and...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 15

Gloss Walnut timber finish

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Riviera 545 SUV - 16

Gloss Walnut timber finish

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Riviera 545 SUV - 17

Step forward and take command The light and luxury below decks Comfortable driving a contemporary luxury car? Then you can confidently take command of a beautiful 545, and set out to discover a better world - a world full of new ports, secluded bays, friends, entertaining and recreational possibilities - a world largely unaffected by the pace of modern life. The lifestyle advantages of escaping on board your own gleaming new Riviera 545 SUV are not merely limited to above deck. In the lower accommodation deck, you’ll find a standard of luxury and appointments normally only associated with...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 18

Masterful elegance and design A little tired after all that entertaining, swimming, fishing, and unwinding? The accommodation deck beckons, alive with natural light and the anticipation of accommodation luxury beyond measure to come. A promise more than fulfilled by the three staterooms and two bathrooms of the entirely fabulous Riviera 545 SUV. Grace, style, luxury and in the full beam master stateroom the Riviera design and craftspeople have more than accepted the challenge to excel, they have taken it to another level. It is...just beautiful; beautifully designed,...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 19

Gloss Walnut timber finish

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Riviera 545 SUV - 20

Gloss Walnut timber finish

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Riviera 545 SUV - 21

VIP treatment for your guests Given the style in which you entertain your guests above decks and accommodate them below, little wonder Riviera 545 owners tend to be popular. Your VIP guest stateroom is a study in outstanding attention to detail, craftsmanship, quality and finish for which the Riviera marque is internationally renowned. Look at the large wide welcoming bed, the superb handcrafted cabinetry that hide generous hanging and storage space, the plush pile carpet underfoot, the LED lighting overhead. They’ll love the natural light from the expansive hull windows and fresh air from...

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Riviera 545 SUV - 22

Every need of your guests has been anticipated In the World of Riviera every desire is catered for and need anticipated, including the need to accommodate extra guests, the children or grandchildren in a suitable luxury and style. Here you will discover twin adult sized upper and lower beds, generous headroom, cedar-lined hanging locker, ample drawer and storage that distinctive Riviera air of quality at every turn. So here, as on both levels of this amazing craft, the Riviera 545’s sophisticated blend of function and form delights all those fortunate enough to be onboard. And...

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