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RÄVIK electric surfboard by AWAKE

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Awake RAVIK Experience Catalog Are You Awake At Awake we believe in being first. Our track record of technological breakthroughs is a testament to that idea. Our technologies provide greater power to discover a richer experience. - Daniel Aronsson, CEO at Awake

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Zero emission performance v 3.1/06.12.19 Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog Awake is a technology leading electric surfboard manufacturer delivering an unmatched riding experience to sports enthusiasts all over the world. Awake’s RÄVIK is a consumer targeted electric surfboard developed to engage and excite no matter skillset or previous experience form water sports.

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Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog Awake was founded by three industry-experienced entrepreneurs with the ambition to revolutionize the watersports and marine industry. Awake’s electric surfboards bring freedom and excitement to the active family, while at the same time keeping our oceans clean. Awake’s mission is to create products that redefine the perception of water sports. For us, being Awake means staying in the forefront of technology and push the envelope for what water sports enthusiasts generally think of as possible. We want our customers to experience the simplicity and convenience...

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Specifications Top speed: 30 knots / 56 kph 80 min Complete weight: 35 kg Rider modes: Kids, Eco, Sport, Extreme Exchangeable battery: Yes Setup: Plug-and-play Award-winning design reddot award 2019 winner

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Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog Awake RÄVIK is the technology leading electric surfboard developed and assembled in Limhamn, southern Sweden by a dedicated team of senior mechanical and electronics engineers, product designers, and manufacturing industry professionals. The common goal; to deliver a healthy dose of exhilaration and adrenaline thanks to unmatched power and performance. All this within a clean and elegant body.

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Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog RÄVIK battery pack Information screen Magnetic power key connector RÄVIK carbon fibre hull Speed charger Battery pack Battery pack locking Magnetic power key Awake signature deck pad Footstrap mount Wireless throttle Jet cover

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Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog Client care The European standard 24 month guarantee applies Awake’s commercial warranty applies to the first 12 months Introductory training sessions can be purchased

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■—Adjust rider modes Awake RAVIK Experience Catalog The Awake App The RAVIK appeals to children and adrenaline-hungry athletes alike. Awake focuses on cutting-edge technology in everything from performance to intelligent, internal systems. The Awake mobile app enables the customization of power output depending on rider preferences. It also informs the user of battery life, estimated riding time and a quick-start guide.

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Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog Scandinavian, award-winning design

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Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog Ride with friends and family The Awake boards are immensely popular across the entire age range of valued guests on board; whether they were beginners or more experienced users, the impact was the same. The boards were fully reliable, quick to charge and easy for us to maintain. The Owners team are delighted we made this choice for them. - Captain Paul Bessant, M/Y PAPA

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Enjoy zero noise and emission v 3.1/06.12.19 Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog I love wind-powered water sports, where you play gently with nature, but the perfect ride requires perfect sea and wind conditions, which are rare to catch in a busy life. Awake boards give you the same exhilarating experience of planing noiselessly thru the waves any time anywhere. Priceless. - Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO at SolidWorks

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Awake RÄVIK Experience Catalog Being a surfboard shaper and avid surfer, I’m always looking for ways to keep me in the water. Even on the smallest days, the Awake Ravik is so much fun to ride. It is crazy fast and will get your adrenaline going in no time. Lately, I’ve been using the Ravik board to do some tow ins with regular surfboards. Unlike a jet ski where you have to launch at a boat ramp and have limited areas where you can tow at, I can just throw the Ravik in the back of my car and take it with me where ever I go. - Glenn Pang, Town & Country Surf, Hawaii

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Find Awake RAVIK where you are Awake RAVIK Experience Catalog • Belgium - Brussels, Antwerp, Knokke • Croatia - Split • France - Antibes, Paris • Germany - Bielefeld • Italy - Viareggio • Mexico - Cancun • Monaco - Monaco • Netherlands - Amsterdam • Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg • Spain - Barcelona, Ibiza, Palma, Sotogrande • Sweden - Limhamn, Gotland, Stockholm • Turkey - Istanbul, Bodrum • United Arab Emirates - Dubai • United Kingdom - London, Ipswich *for information about retailers in specific regions, please send an email to info@awakeboards.com.

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Contact details Awake / Ride Awake AB Limhamnsvagen 111 216 13 Limhamn SWEDEN P: +46 (0) 877 77 270

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