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RESOLCOAT 1010 - 1

Technical data sheet 26/12/08 Water based Epoxy Resin ■ Mat or High gloss primer & varnish ■ 1/1 Easy mixing ratio in Volume ■ Uses water to clean brushes and rollers ■ Extreme low viscosity will prime any porous material in depth ■ May be applied on humid substracts. RESOLCOAT 1010 is a unique water based epoxy system. It may be used in a very large number of applications such as primer, varnish, veneer adhesive but also as matrix for self levelling compounds or mortars. Domains of application range from marine construction, furniture manufacturing, industrial & residential construction and fine arts. Apart from hydrophobic subtracts, the 1010 system is compatible with most supports such as wood, concrete, plaster, stone, ceramic, metal..etc. It can be highly diluted in water so its viscosity can result extremely low, resulting in a prime choice material for priming. It is used as wood primer on new woods & timbers but also as hardening material when applied of injected in old woods for conservation or purposes. Less diluted, it becomes a transparent varnish highly resistant to abrasion. It will enhance the colour of woods and other materials such as ceramics or carbon fibre. Applied in maximum 2 thin layers, it's micro-porosity to vapour will enable the 1010 to be used as a water barrier for materials that need to breath (wood, concrete). RESOLCOAT 1010 is available in 2 finish versions: 1010/1014 will always be used as first priming coat and as finish coat for high gloss results. The 1016 hardener used as finish coat on top of the 1010/1014 will enable mat finish aspects. RESOLCOAT 1010 does not contain any solvents, has no VOC emissions and does not smell when applied unlike any other varnishes. This new generation varnish offers a harmless alternative to all solvented products. Cleaning of tools shall be done with warm water and soap. RESOLTECH RESOLVING YOUR ENGINERING CHALLENGES

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RESOLCOAT 1010 - 2

Water based epoxy resin MIXING RATIO High gloss finish Resin Hardener Thinner Resin Hardener Thinner Mixing ratio must be accuratly followed. It is recomended to add the water to the mixed resin+hardener. Mix thouroughly before applying. RESOLCOAT 1010 is formulated to prime, protect and enhance surfaces. On woods, the system can be used as a sealer (2 coats over plywood sheets prior to using them in boat construction), as varnish (marine and floors), or as structural reinforcement for damaged timber. • The surface should be clean of dust and degreased prior to applying the coating. • The...

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RESOLCOAT 1010 - 3

APPLICATION (continued) For priming applications, we recommend the following mixing ratio: It is advised not to use the 1016 hardener for priming applications. For high gloss applications we recommend the following mixing ratio: For mat finish applications we recommend the following mixing ratio: Mortars and Self-Levelling compounds Add 10 to 20% of mixed 1010-1014 to the subtract, and to fluidize the mix add only a few % of water. To smoothen the surfaces, wet the spatula and smoothen before drying. It is recommended to use the products at temperatures above 17°C in order to ease the water...

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RESOLCOAT 1010 - 4

Visual aspect White liquid Yellowish viscous liquid Yellowish viscous liquid Drying & Hardening schedules MECANICAL CHARACTERISTICS loss inferior to 100 mg for 1 kg sample Mandrel resistance to flexion No defect of the film on a folded plate on 32mm diameter tube Chemical resistances Lactic acid : Deionised water : RESOLTECH RESOLVING YOUR ENGINERING CHALLENGES

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RESOLCOAT 1010 - 5

Non classified as dangerous according to ONU.OMI, ADR/RID and IATA/OACI. TRANSPORT & STORAGE Shelf life is one year in sealed containers as provided. Keep containers sealed and away from heat and cold preferably between 10°C and 30°C in a well ventilated HEALTH & SAFETY It is advised to follow basic rules such as avoiding skin contact, wear masks when producing dust. Please read our standard health and safety sheet for more information. In case of eye contamination, wash with water and seek medical advice. Resolcoat 1010 system has a very low toxicity for the users, hardeners 1014 and 1016...

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