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Technical Data Sheet - 15/10/2009 RESOLCOAT 4070AL Hardener 4078 AL Food - Grade Epoxy Coating New Formula, REACH certified. Fast hardening in film. Excelent chemical resistance. RESOLCOAT 4070AL epoxy coating is formulated in replacement of older systems containing aromatic nucleus that are no longer legal to use since the REACH implementation in EU. RESOLCOAT 4070 AL is a 100% dry extract anti-corrosion epoxy coating formulated to provide maximum resistance to chemicals agents. It is designed to be used as a protective liner for tanks and machinery in contact with food products. The system has a short hardening time in film enabling fast applications and reduced down time of existing installations. it is non-flammable and provides a smooth, non-porous high gloss finish. The 4070AL is indicated for all Food grade applications . Solvent less, it will not transmit any flavour or odour to the food that will be in contact with the coating. Resolcoat 4070AL may be applied as coating but also as laminating resin when thin glass reinforcements are necessary, specially in the case fo repairs of tanks. It can be applied by brush roller or airless while guaranteeing low toxicity working conditions to the users. Very little sensitive to ambient humidity, it may be applied at temperatures as low as 5ºC. On porous surfaces it is recommended to prime the surface with a coat of 150 gr/m2 of 1010AD resin with 1015 hardener. Page 1/4 RESOLTECH RESOLVING YOUR ENGINERING CHALLENGES www.resoltech.com

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DS-4070AL_V2 - 2

RESOLCOAT 4070AL Hardener 4078 AL Food Grade Epoxy Coating MIXING RATIO By weight Resin 4070AL Hardener 4078 AL 100 42 Warning: the mixing ratio must be accurately followed. It is not possible to change the ratio, it would result in lower mechanical properties. The mixture should be thoroughly stirred to ensure full homogeneity. It is important to note that epoxy systems tend to heat up much faster in a pot than as a thin film. It is preferable to only mix the necessary amount usable within the given pot life. Keeping the mixture in flat open containers reduces the risks of exothermic...

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DS-4070AL_V2 - 3

Resolcoat 4070AL Hardener 4078 AL LABELLING 4070AL 4078 AL X H C Irritant Harmful for the Environment PACKAGING HEALTH & SAFETY - 15 kg kit: 10 kg of 4070AL + 5 kg of 4078 AL It is advised to follow basic rules such as avoiding skin contact, wear masks when producing dust. Please read our standard health and safety sheet for more information. In case of eye contamination, wash with water and seek medical advice. TRANSPORT & STORAGE Shelf life is one year in sealed containers as provided. Keep containers sealed and away from heat and cold preferably between 10°C and 30°C in a well ventilated...

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