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■ Low density casting epoxy system with low exothermic peak ■ Ambient temperature curing ■ 15 min to 10 h hardeners The 2010HP system is a low density epoxy casting system that cures at ambient temperature. It is formulated for the realisation of flexible floor joints that need a high mechanical and chemical resistance. Its main characteristics are: ■ 0,7 kg/m3 density ■ Excellent air release properties thanks to the additives used and its manufacturing process ■ Excellent chemical resistance. ■ Easy application with from 10 minutes up to 10 h of pot life according to the hardener used ■ Excellent adhesion on all kind of subtracts. ■ Very good resistance to detergents, solvents, Oil derivatives, alkaline solutions and diluted acids. ■ “Transparent” to microwaves and radio waves. RESOLTECH RESOLVING YOUR ENGINERING CHALLENGES www.resoltech.com

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DS-2010HP - 2

Hardeners 2013HP to 2019HP MIXING RATIO By weight The mixing ratio must be accurately followed. It is not possible to change the ratio, it would result in lower mechanical 100 properties. 31 The mixture should be mechanically stirred during no less than 5 minutes to ensure full homogeneity. Keeping the mixture in flat open containers reduces the risks of exothermic reaction. The standard procedure of working with epoxy systems applies to the RESOLTECH 2010HP. Mixing the resin and hardener should be done above 5 °C. It is recommended to proceed to a small test before industrial size...

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DS-2010HP - 3

Dangereux pour l’environnement Dangereux pour l’environnement It is advised to follow basic rules such as avoiding skin contact, wear masks when producing dust. Please read our standard health and safety sheet for more information. In case of eye contamination, wash with water and seek medical advice. TRANSPORT & STORAGE Shelf life is at least one year in sealed containers as provided. Keep containers sealed and away from heat and cold preferably between 10°C and 30°C in a well ventilated area. Nota The data provided in this document is the result of tests and is believed to be accurate. We...

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