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RESOLTECH COMPOSITE TOOLING RANGE Plugs & Models Reference High performance thixotropic epoxy laminating system. Easy to use non sag laminating system with excellent wettability. Epoxy fairing filler. Room temperature curing – next day sanding and ultra fast hardener enables sanding within 3 hours. Epoxy profiling lightweight filler. Easy application: Non sag application up to 40 mm thickness @ 20° C. Room temperature curing. Epoxy surfacing highbuild. Easy application: Ultra long pot life, but fast hardening when applied. Touch dry in 2h30 sandable in 8h.

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Resin Systems for Moulds Reference Description High performance epoxy laminating sys- Easy to use laminating system with excellent wettability tern. and Tg up to 144° C. High rigidity system. Lamination and infusion epoxy system for Best room temperature system available in the market. large tools that cannot be post-cured. Adjustable pot life from 10 h to 15 min. High performance structural laminating ... , , 3. r 3 May be released from plug without curing . .rn-r., , ,„r Auminum fi ed epoxy casting and ami- _ . „™n„ , . Lowest viscosity infusion epoxy system. Tg from 85° C to 130° C. Fast...

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RESOLTECH TOOLING Resoltech offers a large variety of tooling systems: wet layup , infusion, RTM, filament winding or pre-preg resins as well as tooling gelcoats, adhesives and mould repair systems. All these resin systems have been formulated in a spirit of performance, ease of use, preservation of the health and safety of the workers applying these systems as well as respect for the environment by a careful selection of the raw materials used in the formulations. This quick reference guide was born from the experience of day to day work close with our costumers allowing us to developed...

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RESOLTECH TOOLING SOLUTIONS What products to use for your model? PLUGS AND MODELS SYSTEMS Mould making process HAND LAY UP Choosing the best gel coat for your tool GEL COATS

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PLUGS AND MODELS RESOLTECH recommends to use 1040T resin system to laminate the model. RESOLTECH 8030 Hardeners 8035 & 8037 Epoxy profiling lightweight filler       Light: 0,7 Density Easy Preparation: mixing ratio 1/1 in volume or 2/1 by weight, dark grey resin & white hardener enable visual control of the mix Easy application: Non sag application up to 40 mm thickness @ 20° C Room temperature curing Good sandability, can also be milled by CNC. Fast & Slow hardeners available RESOLTECH 8020EX Hardener 8026H, 8029H Epoxy fairing filler       Easy Preparation: mixing ratio 1/1 by...

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PLUGS AND MODELS Resoltech offer a range of filler & highbuilds that are acclaimed for their ease of sanding, and dimensional stability If the surface defects are deeper than 2 mm, use preferably the 8030 lightweight filler: It is recommended to apply the first layer of filler with notch spreaders in order to apply even quantities of fillers and minimize sanding: Before starting the procedure, use a batten to determine the depths of the areas to be filled. Use a spreader with notches that match the deepest area. The first layer of fairing compound is applied with a notched spreader to leave...

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HAND LAY UP TOOLING SYSTEMS RESOLTECH recommends to use always thixotropic resins for hand lay up. RESOLTECH 1040 T Hardeners 1045 to 1048N High Performance Epoxy Laminating System  Easy to use system: hardeners slow and fast (1045N, 1048N) Excellent wettability Room temperature cure & model release RESOLTECH 1040 T Hardeners 1041SL, 1041HT, 1042HT High Performance Epoxy Laminating System  Excellent wettability You need high temperature post-cure to obtain the highest Tg Resoltech offer thixotropic versions of all it´s wet layup resins. These resins are particularly liked by our customers...

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HAND LAY UP TOOLING SYSTEMS RESOLTECH 1080 T Hardener 1082, 1084, 1086 Highest performance epoxy laminating system       Laminates with Tg up to 110º C Enable model release at room temperature and post-curing outside model while obtaining a TG of 110º C Highest modulus resin available (4000 Mpa·s) Pure Novolac for high chemical resistance High toughness Enables to build the lightest—very rigid moulds You can demould from model without post-cure RESOLTECH 1050 T Hardeners 1054 to 1059 Structural Lamination Epoxy System      Adjustable pot life (slow and fast hardeners) Room...

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INFUSION TOOLING SYSTEMS RESOLTECH 1050 Hardeners 1053 Structural Infusion Epoxy System Ultra slow 10h hardener Room temperature cure & model release Final TG 70°C Best large tool infusion resin Excellent fatigue properties Best wettability of all resins RESOLTECH 1800 Hardeners 1805 & 1808 Structural Epoxy system for infusion & injection       Adjustable pot life from 50min to 2h Ultra low viscosity and high wetting power TG: 85º to 130º depending on hardener used Excellent cross linking properties even at low post-curing temperatures Lowest viscosity infusion resin available Very...

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INFUSION TOOLING SYSTEM Resoltech has developed a complete range of very low viscosity, superior wetting ability and long pot life. Our infusion resins range from the 1050 system for moulds that cannot be post cured due to their large sizes, to the 1800 system with 130ºC TG, a system preferred by prepreg part builders or the more technical HTG series ranging from 160ºC to 240ºC of TG for Wind blade manufacturing, aerospace tools but also thermoplastic forming like the Twintex Infusing mould is the best guarantee to obtain non porous moulds that enable perfect vacuum when producing parts,...

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CASTING TOOLING SYSTEM RESOLTECH 2060ALU25 Hardener 2061S Aluminium casting and laminating resin Formulated to produce moulds from a few millimeters to several centimeters thick Low viscosity Excellent mechanical resistance Good CNC milling properties Excellent thermal and chemical resistance Low surface tension, good debulking RESOLTECH 1450TALU25 Hardener 2061S Aluminium casting epoxy resin system High TG ~ 170°C Excellent mechanical resistance Good CNC milling properties Excellent thermal and chemical resistance RESOLTECH 2010HP Hardeners 2013HP to 2019HP Low density epoxy casting system...

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