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RESOLTECH MARINE RANGE TOOLING PRODUCTS Plugs & Models Reference High performance thyxotropic epoxy laminating system. Easy to use non sag laminating system with excellent wettability. Epoxy fairing filler. Room temperature curing – next day sanding and ultra fast hardener enables sanding within 3 hours. Epoxy profiling lightweight filler. Easy application: Non sag application up to 40 mm thickness @ 20° C. Room temperature curing. Epoxy surfacing highbuild. Easy application: Ultra long pot life, but fast hardening when applied. Touch dry in 2h30 sandable in 8h. Vinylester gel coat...

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WOOD EPOXY BOATS PRODUCTS Reference Water based epoxy varnish and primer. No smell interior varnish, best self leveling Structural epoxy resin system. Excellent wettability. Adjustable pot life. High performance clear varnish. High UV resistance, good elongation. Structural adhesive epoxy for wood Excellent mechanical properties. Easy sanding. bonding and structural fillet joints. COMPOSITE BOATS PRODUCTS Resin Systems Reference High performance epoxy laminating Easy to use laminating system with excellent wetsystem. tability and Tg up to 144º C. High rigidity system. Lamination and...

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RESIN SYSTEMS RESOLTECH 1020 Hardeners 1023 to 1029 Structural epoxy resin system for wood Adjustable pot life from 15mn to 9 hours Excellent wood wettability Excellent crosslinking at room temperature for all applications with no postcure Little sensitivity to humidity during application Available in thixotropic version (1020T) Good elongation With 1029S hardener extra fast curing at low temperatures RESOLTECH 1040 Hardeners 1045 to 1048N High Performance Epoxy Laminating System Easy to use system: hardeners slow and fast (1045N, 1048N) Excellent wettability Room temperature cure & mould...

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RESIN SYSTEMS RESOLTECH 1070S Hardener 1074 Clear epoxy laminating system Clear laminates and topcoats Ease of use, room temperature curing, self levelling Excellent UV resistance Can be top coated with polyester without inhibition Makes Hexcel TF970 silione glass totally transparent RESOLTECH 1080 Hardener 1082, 1084, 1086 Highest performance epoxy laminating system Laminates with Tg up to 110º C Enable mould release at room temperature and post-curing outside mould while obtaining a TG of 110º C Highest modulus resin available (4000 Mpa·s) Pure Novolac for high chemical resistance High...

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GEL COAT SYSTEMS RESOLTECH VI5090 Vinylester Gelcoat Compatible Epoxy Excellent adhesion with epoxy wet lay up or infused Good chemical resistance Good UV resistance Easy to apply May be used for both moulds and parts, clear or any RAL colour RESOLCOAT 2010FGCS Hardener 2014FGCT Self extinguishing epoxy gel coat—topcoat Self-extinguishing epoxy that complies with marine, aerospace & building industry standards. High quality high gloss finish Good UV resistance Available in all RAL colours RESOLCOAT 2010FCI Hardener 2015 Epoxy self-leveling deck coating Self-extinguishing epoxy that complies...

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GEL COAT SYSTEMS RESOLCOAT 7060 (S) Hardener 7064 UV Resistant Epoxy GELCOAT Good UV resistance Room temperature cure Clear or colored versions Recommended for all carbon aspect parts RESOLCOAT 7080HC Hardener 7086HC Epoxy gelcoat & topcoat for fuel tanks High chemical resistance to all fuels and hydrocarbons. High modulus & mechanical properties Tg > 90º C RESOLCOAT 4070AL Hardener 4078 Food grade certified epoxy coating Fast hardening in film Excellent chemical resistance For drinking water and grey water tanks

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APPLICATIONS FOR RESOLTECH PRODUCTS Teak adhesive 3500 Foam core adhesive 3500HP Bullhead adhesive 3040 Secondary lamination promoter 3350 High load adhesive 3050 CT Epoxy paint for under water line & keels 3000T Highbuild 3010T Water based epoxy paint for bilges For rudders and daggers boards Water tank 4070AL Fuel tank 7080HC Self extinguishing coatings 2010FGCS 2010FCI Deck Caulking system 2090

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ADHESIVES SYSTEMS RESOLTECH 2040G Hardener 2045, 2049 Structural epoxy adhesive for wood bonding & structural fillet joints Easy 4/1 mixing ratio by weight Room temperature curing Adjustable pot life Applicable in high humidity conditions Easy to sand RESOLTECH 3040 Hardener 3045 Cold cure epoxy adhesive paste High performance adhesive Fast room temperature curing Available in carbon black colour for carbon bondings Fillet joints up to 22 mm RESOLTECH 3050C & 3050CT Hardener 3054C & 3054CT Structural Epoxy Adhesive Structural epoxy adhesive for most demanding applications Room temperature...

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ADHESIVES SYSTEMS RESOLTECH 3350 Hardener 3358 Structural Adhesion promoter for secondary laminations Secondary laminations on all composite parts: prepreg, hand lamination, infused parts Easy to mix and apply: low viscosity and high tixotropy. Best used as adhesion promoter or cured composite surfaces before doing secondary laminations RESOLTECH 3500 HP Hardener 3508 HP Low Density Epoxy Adhesive paste 0,7 Density for all core materials bonding High elongation properties Excellent application characteristics Long pot life for large structures Room temperature curing Superior impact...

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FILLERS RESOLTECH 3010T Hardeners 3014T Epoxy surfacing highbuild Easy application: Ultra long pot life, but fast hardening when applied May be applied by roller or sprayed Excellent sandability – any one who tries to sand it buys it – even 4 month after its application it stays easy to sand No sanding required between coats Touch dry in 2h30 sandable in 8h Excellent adhesion on all subtracts RESOLTECH 8020EX Hardener 8026H, 8029H Epoxy fairing filler Easy Preparation: mixing ratio 1/1 by weight Pink resin & white hardener enable visual control of the mix Easy application: “creamy product”...

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COATINGS SYSTEMS RESOLTCOAT 1010 Hardeners 1014, 1016 Water based epoxy resin Mat or High gloss primer & varnish 1 / 1 Easy mixing ratio in Volume Uses water to clean brushes and rollers Extreme low viscosity will prime any porous material in depth May be applied on humid subtracts RESOLTCOAT 1030H Hardeners 1035, 1038 Wood epoxy claer varnish system High performance clear varnish formulated for wood applications. UV resistant High gloss finishing High mechanical and chemical resistance RESOLCOAT 4030W Hardeners 4034W, 4036W Water based epoxy paint system Ease of use of water based...

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