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RESOLTECH 2080 MF 40 Hardener 2085M Self extinguishing structural Epoxy Foaming System ■ Density 430 kg/m3 ■ Post Curing optional ■ Excellent mechanical properties RESOLTECH 2080 MF 40 is a liquid foaming epoxy casting system formulated to produce low density , closed cell, self extinguishing structural cores. RESOLCOAT 2080 MF 40 has a (free) expansion coefficient of 3,6, enabling the epoxy foam production 430 kg/m3 epoxy foam. The slow, controlled foaming reaction makes un-necessary the use of mixing machines like with PU foams - The low pressure of the foaming will enable direct casting in the final parts with no conforming moulds without alteration of the dimensions of the composite. The 2080M25 self extinguishing foam complies to UL94V0 This system is available in black, white or neutral colour (to be pigmented with any colour) The main advantages of this epoxy foaming system over existing systems are: ■ No fragile stage after the foaming making it un-necessary to cure before releasing from mould or to post cure depending on the mechanical characteristics needed. ■ Perfect compatibility with pre-pregs and epoxy resins even in during their polymerisation ■ Excellent resistance to water ■ Major improvement of thermal and mechanical resistances compared to existing epoxy foams ■ Homogenous structure of the foam ■ No V.O.C emission RESOLTECH RESOLVING YOUR ENGINERING CHALLENGES www.resoltech.com

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The mixing ratio must be respected neither excess nor default. The mixture should be homogeneous and intimate before the use. It is recommended to cast the mixed resin and hardener at a temperature around 18 to 25°C in order to ease the mixing and casting process. Lower temperature will increase the viscosity of the mix while higher temperature will reduce the viscosity and the pot life. Warning: During cold periods, the 2085M may have tendency to crystallize (appearance of a cloudy effect with some crystals). Once crystallized the hardener should not be used, The phenomenon is reversible,...

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Foaming @ 23°C Evolution de l'épaisseur 80 70 Evolution du coefficient d'expansion libre 4.5 Expansion ratio RESOLTECH RESOLVING YOUR ENGINERING CHALLENGES

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The foam obtained may be released from the mould and sanded after 24h to 36h at 25°C. Nevertheless, if higher thermo mechanical properties are required, a postcure cycle will reach the following TG: The reticulation process of the 2080 MF 40 is exothermic. It is recommended to proceed to preliminary tests or to contact us for very large applications. It is recommended to cast the 2080M25 at temperatures inferior to 40°C in order to minimize risks of tensions happening during the cross-linking. 52.2°C Start of the vitreous transition 58°C T° of vitreouse transition (calculated on relaxation...

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LAMINATE COMPOSmON Construction : 2 carbon fibre plain weave 1 mm thickness 6 mm 2080MF40 epoxy foam core Curing : 48h @ room temperature with no postcure Being validated Being validated Being validated - Autoextinguibility according to FAR 25.853 horizontal - Autoextinguibility according to FAR 25.853 vertical - Autoextinguibility according to AIRBUS ABD0031 RESOLTECH RESOLVING YOUR ENGINERING CHALLENGES www.resoltech.com

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PACKAGING HEALTH & SAFETY • Kit of 1 kg + 0,13 kg • Kit of 5 kg + 0,65 kg • Kit of 25 kg + 3,25 kg • Kit in metal drums of 200 kg + 26 kg The usual precautions for the use of epoxy resins must be respected. Our health and safety datasheets are available upon request. It is important to wear protective clothing and avoid skin contact with the products. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of eye contamination, wash thoroughly with warm water. Consult a specialist. TRANSPORT & STORAGE Keep containers sealed and away from heat and cold preferably between 10°C and...

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