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Powerful and small operating rethinked and redesigned we redesigned it with user in our minds Remigo

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Introducing RemigoOne, world’s first fully integrated 1000W electric outboard. Designed and assembled in Slovenia, EU Green Product Award Winner 2023 E-outboard, or an electric rudder, designed to challenge the usual pain points of comparable electric or gasoline outboards: weight, cable corrosion, handling, oil leaks, reliability and durability. Simple, honest, frustration free boating experience for anyone - even people with no nautical know-how.

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interface as an intuitive 2-button control module All aluminum casing extended durability and safety aluminium casing with integrated 1085 Wh Li-Ion battery and smart battery management module 2-part bracket for mounting on boat. Mounting part stays on boat, while you can take motor off for charging or safe storage Full corrosion protection fits to freshwater and seawater multifunctional handle > steering, tilting, carrying, locking in central position retroreflective decals for visibility at night highly efficient 1000 W electric brushless DC motor, comparable to 3 HP custom-built propeller...

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Integrated batteries safe from all weather conditions and salt patent-pending solution Watertight IP67 for parts above water, IP69 for parts below AC or DC charging fast charger fills in 3h standard charger in 6h DC-DC in 12h Integrated batteries and watertight casing Battery integrated in the aluminum unibody means it is fully protected from all weather conditions. It contains enough juice to get you more than 14 miles of range at a 3 mph cruising speed on a tender boat. Come rain or shine, RemigoOne won’t mind - waterproof, resilient, withstanding temperatures between -30°C to 50°C. In...

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Improved handling In order to achieve simple handling of an outboard we first needed to reduce weight wherever possible. So we focused on combining similar functions while learning about the needs of different end users, usage types and scenarios. This is how we found potential for combining handle’s functions in various stages of use, a solution which proved to be appreciated by an experienced boater as much as by a boating newbies. With a simple ‘shotgun’ movement, as we like to call it, you can transform driving handle (horizontal position) into a carrying handle (down vertical). Upper...

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Outboard height adjustment Stepless shaft length adjustment one motor size fits on all vessel types RemigoOne was built to efficiently propel any vessel weighing up to 1500 kg; tenders (soft or rigid keel), sailboats (J/70, Seascape, Meteor, Este24, ...), fishing boats etc. Stepless shaft length adjustment allows you to find precise position for best motor performance anywhere between 15 and 30 inch of height (S to XL equivalent) - by simply loosen 3 screws. When using it on a sailboat, you can lock the tiller in neutral position and use primary rudder for steering. On the first left photo...

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Simplified interaction When designing outboard’s interface, we wanted to get rid of all unnecessary information and doubled functions. The result is an intuitive interface with a 2-button steering control with 10-step forward/backward logic. Magnetic killswitch at the bottom of the interface is used as a key, on/off button and also an emergency switch. You simply attach the killswitch cord around your driving hand’s wrist for safety and steer using the two buttons. Arrows are marking your desired way of movement. Button down means adding speed in forward direction, while upper one means...

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Tech sheet input power motor type final charging voltage rated input voltage AC chargers rated input voltage DC charger shaft length maximum propeller speed 2-button control lockable manual with grounding protection DC-DC charger (optional) total weight (bracket included) Fast charger (optional) nominal voltage comparable petrol outboard Standard charger (included) static thrust Charging options

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Designing accessories responsibly We designed a carrying bag for RemigoOne using residual material gathered from our local industries, following circular design principles. It’s shell is made of PVC tarp banner, padding made of foam scraps from furniture industry and sewn by a local leatherworker. We’re currently working on this circular business model to achieve regular production of the bags and sustainable collaboration with companies and people involved. Furthermore, we’re searching for a sustainable solution to use this tarp bag as a part of standard transport packaging. With this, we...

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