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Regatta twinsafe 325 n Regatta Twinsafe is developed in close cooperation with the aquaculture industry. The lifejacket is light weighted and designed for optimal freedom of movement Especially fitted as a special purpose device. Rounded shape with neoprene-lined collar gives vital comfort. The lifejackets patented Interlocking lung design provides an effective wave barrier, which directs the water away from the face. • he lifejacket is made of materials T and components which can withstand daily and hard use. • ttachment solution for VHF radio A located on the shoulder. • Solid PVC- coated cover for easy cleaning and durabilit y. • n inflatable lung facilitated by A t wo infaltors, which automatically inflates in contac t with water. Two inflator system for quick burst and improved per formance. • Two I nspec tion windows to facilitate the daily maintenance. • Requires technical inspec tion and annual maintenance. Read instruc tions carefully! • quipped with grab loop and E whistle. • Additional equipment: waterac tivated light. . • H igh visabilit y due to fluorcent yellow fabric. • Comfor table and excellent mobilit y. • aintenance: Recharge k it M ( Two 60 gr c ylinders, t wo car tridges and t wo lock ing clips). • ogo can be printed on the life L jacket- please take contac t for information. • Crotch strap and toggles for attachment to clothing. • For manual inflation, use the pull cord or oral tube. Technical specifications Buoyanc y : Size: Colour : Operating head: Weight: Approvals: 325 N Above 40 kg Fluorecent yellow United Molders Pro MK2 1,6 kg ISO12402-2 275N

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