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Regatta Thermo Cruise Following the tragic Estonia-accident in 1994. the Norwegian Maritime Directorate encouraged all producers to undertake research and develop a lifejacket with thermal properties. Regatta AS took the challenge, and could launch the world's first thermal lifejacket after two years of developing and testing: the Regatta Thermo Cruise. The lifejacket protects against drowning, initial cold-shock and prevents hypothermia, and protects vital organs and gives a feeling of safety. E-mail:

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Regatta Thermo Cruise • Easy donning - as a jacket • Outer material of strong polyester • "Beaver tail" with click buckle, hood, M sleeves and lifting straps on • High visibility due to fluorescent orange and yellow fabric • Allows freedom of movement and provides the wearer with a good view • Adjustable belt with click buckle, whistle and pocket for light (ex- manual light) • Thermo Cruise baby has mothersline with click buckle for fastening to an adult person yellow to Crew members with or without print of "Crew" on the back Technical specifications Adult and Adult Crew - over 32 kg...

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