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REGATTA SEA FLASH WATER ACTIVATING LIGHTS ARE BEING LIT AUTOMATICALLY WHEN GETTING IN CONTACT WITH WATER. THE REGATTA LIFEJACKETS FOR THE PROFESSIONAL MARKET HAVE A MOUNTING SOLUTION FOR LIGHT IN FRONT. THE LIGHT CAN BE MOUNTED OUTSIDE- OR IN A MOULDED POCKET SOLUTION. THE STORAGE LIFE OF SEA FLASH SOLAS WATER ACTIVATING LIGHT IS 5 YEARS FROM THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE. THE EXPIRY DATE OF THE LIGHTS IS SHOWN CLEARLY ON THE LABEL WHICH IS AFFIXED TO THE SIDE OF THE MAIN BODY. • The flash frequency is 50–54 times per minute. • Activate automatically when the small sensor at the end of the trailing wire, makes contacts with water. • Performance: Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mould-proof, Corrosion-proof, Water-proof. • Whilst the water sensor is wet, the light can be turned off and on, by pressing the red button on the main body, however the light cannot be activated when the water sensor is dry. • The lights are maintenance free, however it is strongly recommended that the following checks are made annually: - Ensure that the lifejacket is stored, according to the manufactures instructions and that the water sensors remain dry at all times. - Inspect light for signs of damage or corrosion. - Test the light by immersing the wire in water, the light must flash and, by pressing the switch on the main body, the light can be turned off. - Remove the water sensor from the water and dry it, the light can be turned off but not be turned on again. Technical specifications Colour: Size: Weigh: Grey base and transparent Main body: 45x19x31 mm. Clip: 51x9.8 mm 32 grams incl. clip • Extremely bright LED flashing lights. Approval: SOLAS 2010 MED-B

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