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Regatta northsafe 170n R E G AT TA nort h S A FE I S A N e rgonomic S H A P Ed li f e j ac k e t F O R O P T I M A L F R EE D O M O F M O V E M E N T. t h e crotc h strap can b e storag e d in t h e B AC K PA N E L and it h as a S O L I D B E LT W I T H stainl e ss st e e l B U C K L E + d - ring . N o r t h S afe has d e tails s u ch as ; zip P O C K E T F O R S TO R AG E O F K E Y S E TC ., bracke t f o r ligh t an d inspec t i o n w in d o w f o r easy main t enace. • ounded shape with neoprene R lined collar gives vital comfort and support. • Bracket for attachment of light etc. (CE-approved light is accessories). • rotch strap - can be stored in C the pocket on the back panel made of mesh. • S olid nylon PVC Free outer cover with a REACH cer tificate. • nspec tion window for quick I and easy check of the operating head. • Zip pocket for storage of keys, cellphone etc. • igth weighted, sof t and shor ter L comfor table shape. • « Quick Burst Zip» for easy access and repack ing • F luorescent yellow material and SOLAS reflec tive tape on the inflatable lung give high visibilit y. • E quipped with grab loop and • A utomatic inflation in contac t with water. • F or manual inflation, use the pull cord or oral tube. • R equires technical inspec tion and annual maintenance. Read instruc tions carefully! • M aintenance: Recharge k it (33 gr c ylinder, bobbin and lock ing clip) • L ogo can be printed on the lifejacket – please contac t for more information! • Reflec tive piping and webbing • A djustable belt with stainless for increased visabilit y in the steel buck le. dark . Technical specifications Buoyanc y : 170N Size: More than 40 kg Colour : Black or Vaporous Grey Weight: 0,9 kg Operating head: UML, PRO Sensor Approval: ISO 12402-3 - 150N

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