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Regatta Challenger Offshore 150 Regatta Challenger Offshore is a lifejacket designed to give optimal freedom of movement. The lifejacket is comfortable to wear in work situations and provides good buoyancy in an emergency situation. The lifejacket's patented Interlocking lobe design provides an effective wave barrier, which directs the water away from the face. • Solid PVC-coated cover for easy • Adjustable belt with buckle in stainless steel • Twin automatic independent chambers give higher security • Automatic inflation in contact with water pull cords or oral tubes • Equipped with grab loop, whistle • Requires technical inspection and annual maintenance. Read instructions carefully! (each 33 gr cylinder, bobbin. locking clip) and 2 bobbins Fluorescent yellow material and SOLAS reflective tape on lung give high visibility Technical specifications Colour: Fluorescent yellow Operating head: Halkey-Roberts V85000 Additional equipment: crotch strap, fire resistant "Panotex E-mail:

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