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Reckmann Yacht Equipment GmbH E-Mail High-Class Quick-Fit Awnings sunFLIP is a superlight awning system designed for quick assembly and dismantling. The system is extremely variable and can therefore be applied to a wide range of situations. Every sunFLIP system is optimised for the specific purpose and produced based on orders. Basically the system concept is to set individually shaped sun awnings between free standing carbon poles, and various attachment points on the ship super structure. The sunFLIP quick release fittings and the extremely strong but light carbon poles combined result in a very strong system which can be set up and taken off quickly, at any time. Definitel, sunFLIP is THE awning system of choice when it comes to super yachts and definitely the optimum with regards to style and aesthetics, resilience, weight, handling and

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[ sunFLIP System Sizes ] For yachts from 30m to 200m loa sunFLIP · System Sizes sunFLIP is available in three sizes: · sunFLIP 80 with 80mm poles; · sunFLIP 120 with 120mm poles; · sunFLIP 145 with 145mm poles. sunFLIP poles are processed and equipped individually meaning that the sunFLIP system offers full variability and adaptability for each individual application case. The supports are fairedand coated with a high-gloss 2k polyurethane coating system. Clear varnish also is an option available. sunFLIP carbon poles · optimised technology sunFLIP carbon poles are not just simple carbon...

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3/11 · Low distortion under pressure; · Completely compatible components, especially with regards to load bearing scenarios; · Optimum fit with very little clearance in pipe supports; · On request, the tensioning system can be supplied with pre-determined breaking points; · Ideal corrosion resistance due to the fact that where ever possible we avoid to use aluminium and other corrosion-prone materials. Flat Top Cap The closing cap for the sunFLIP posts shown above is made from 1.4404 stainless steel block material. All Reckmann stainless steel fittings are made from this highly...

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High gloss polished Sheave Boxes sunFLIP roller boxes have mirror polished stainless steel housings, discs and axles. The stainless steel discs run on a bronze bushing. All visual surfaces and the heads of fixing bolts are mirror polished by hand. sunFLIP roller boxes are a Reckmann design and are manufactured and used exclusively for the sunFLIP system. poleLIGHT · athmospheric Awning Illumination poleLIGHT is an LED light that is built into the sunFLIP support. We supply these with different LED inserts for daylight white or halogen light. On request, we are also happy to supply different...

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Manual Tensioning Systems The standard tensioning system for sunFLIP is a rope block & tackle system hidden insides the tube. A piece of rope runs from the awning to the top end of the pole, enters into it, runs over a block & tackle system insides the pole, and exits near the bottom end of the pole To tension the awning, pull on this line. The block & tackle cascade inside the post will multiply the force applied, and ensures a controlled tension on the awning. When done secure the tensioning rope on the small stainless steel cleat. Push excessive into the tube through a small ss ring hole...

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Service and Maintenance All sunFLIP tensioning systems - rope & tackle and automatic - are designed as a cartridge and can easily be pulled out of the pipe support as a whole unit, after removing just three screws. All the components can be checked, serviced and even replaced with equal ease. After completion of work, the crew can insert the tensioning system back into the pole pipe as a whole unit, and secure it with 3 screws. [ Fittings for Deck and Super Structure ] twistFIT, railFIT, clickFIT twistFIT Pole Foundation · flush-deck Version We supply flush-deck-mounted tubing feet for...

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railFIT Pole Foundation · on-deck Version railFIT is the choice in case sunFLIP poles shall be attached to the super structure, or the guard rail. Various versions are available, to fit the individual application. clickFIT · sail attachment point · on-deck version. The clickFIT fitting makes for easier on-deck installation (as opposed to in-deck). It is mounted with 2 M8 screws and all it needs is a reinforcing plate beneath it to support heavy loads. We supply the fitting with a POM washer for optimal isolation, which allows the inside of the dome to be drained on-deck. clickFIT Awning...

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[ Membranes · Textile Engineering ] Traditional sail making craftmanship, accompanied by FEM system analysis and load case studies sunFLIP Awnings · Membrane Technology Par Excellence Nowadays there is a wide range of technical textiles from all over the world, many of which are suitable for use as awnings. In each individual case and at the request of each customer, we use different textile materials for sunFLIP awnings and the customer can choose their awning’s style, colour, structure, porosity, weight etc. Initially we make a distinction between porous and non-porous materials. There...

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The art of sail making · craftsmanship at its finest Unlike how competitors often work, we don’t just use any old sail manufacturer when it comes to the configuration of our awning membranes. We have developed a longstanding partnership with specialists whose knowledge is a deciding factor in the sail configuration. The art is all in the detail. Just take a good look at our awning. You’ll discover a lot: The belt straps have been incorporated in such a way that, from above, i.e. more or less the reverse side, an observer wouldn’t see them. The corner fittings are incorporated with...

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10/11 · We use the following manufacturers: Ferrari, Gore, Sefar, Dickson, Ifasol Light Transmittance Depending on the light transmittance of the selected material the area under an open membrane presents itself in a particularly pleasant light. Precontraint textiles as a closed materials, however, are available in higher weights and thus extremely high tensile strength, dimensionally stable and waterproof. Both groups have an excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and dirt particles in the air. Closed Membranes · Non-porous textile material, mostly watertight · Polyester mesh with a...

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