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Rigging HydraBics performance on your yacht

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Reckmann sailing products are the epitome of functionality and reliability on the world’s seas. With longstanding experience we manufacture tailored to the needs of the most discerning sailors.

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Reckmann Rigging Hydraulics Ever since Hugo J.L. Reckmann founded the company in 1892, the name Reckmann has stood for With our commitment to innovative technology and ergonomic design, Reckmann Rigging Hydraulics gives you quality, continuity and product innovation in the sailing and yachting sector. the optimum combination of performance and ease-of-use. To achieve improved coverage from an increase in demand for reliable equipment to handle higher loads with Using modern materials and advanced high-pressure techniques, our hydraulic rigging systems are compact ease of operation on modern...

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Integral adjusters By adjusting backstay tension, your boat can sail faster and point higher. Genoa furling becomes a lot easier too. With a Reckmann hydraulic integral adjuster you can alter the backstay tension quickly and accurately. Integral Adjusters model art no auto-shift two-speed pump Integral adjusters - a two-speed pump means fewer strokes to reach maximum tension, enabling you to react more quickly. feed tube - a robust and streamlined design minimises the risk of damage. •• Lightweight - advanced design techniques and materials keep weight to a minimum. •• Ergonomic design -...

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Reckmann hydraulic cylinders are ideal for any tensioning application, from backstays and forestays to outhauls and Cylinder - standard travellers. You can make quick and accurate rigging adjustments in combination with a Reckmann manual control max. pulling force without gas - Our cylinders are available in standard or long stroke versions. A compressed gas compartment pro- vides a quick return. Tensioning and easing rigging has never been easier. length extended length retracted max. pulling force without gas length extended length retracted panel or push button hydraulics. •• Long stroke...

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Cylinder - standard (dimensions) model A cylinder diameter Fixed clevis cylinder connection Accessories integral adjusters & cylinders groove width shim width maximum length maximum length yoke diameter Cylinder - longstroke (dimensions) model A cylinder diameter cylinder connection C1 thread of plunger rod C2 length of thread groove width shim width maximum length maximum length yoke diameter Strap toggles Strap toggle, fixed clevis or lashing eye are separate accessories, not included, see page 13. Lashing eyes model

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Boom vangs Boom vangs Whether you are sailing or moored, a Reckmann hydraulic boom vang gives you maximum control over your boom. Pulling your boom down when sailing, or pushing it upwards while reefing or flaking, you will enjoy both its performance dump the vang instantly. •• Oil passage through piston rod - This reduces the length of the hydraulic hose, minimising the risk of damage. •• Pre-set but variable return force - Gives you perfect control and easy reefing or flaking. •• Lightweight - Advanced design techniques and materials keep weight to a minimum. •• Finish - All vangs are...

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Rigging Hydraulics - 9

Boom vangs Reckmann’s ‘Furl Finder’ Automatically Adjusts Furling Booms Boom vangs (dimensions) model Furl finder mainsail. Press the furling button, and the vang automatically moves to the proper boom-furling angle, eliminating the groove width guesswork normally associated with this task. shim width This is one of the latest innovations of Reckmann Rigging Hydraulics to make sailing easier. By simply pushing a button, a sensor monitoring the position of the boom activates a compact hydraulic system that moves the boom up or down to a predetermined furling angle. When the boom is in the...

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Manual operating systems To adjust cylinders and boom vangs using one central pump, choose from our range of easy-to-use control panels, available as single- or multi-function and with manual or push-button operation. Manual operating systems - An auto-shift two-speed pump means fewer strokes to reach maximum tension, enabling you to react face plate stainless steel carbon stainless steel carbon more quickly. flow 2nd stage cc/stroke - - A selector valve gives you effortless control of up to four functions. •• Minimal - Compact design allows simple installation. Custom configurations and...

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Electric operating systems Electric operating systems Our extremely compact electric pumps are compatible with high-pressure hydraulic rigging systems or as an upgrade Hydraulic Power pack - HPS 200 / 400 to existing manual systems. Connected to a push-button control panel with electric or manual release, the 12V or 24V V units power backstays, outhauls and vangs. Our HEP 200 and HEP 400 control up to a maximum of four hydraulic - Modern, quiet pump gives you silent operation. - Operates three times faster than a manual pump. •• Compact - Easy to install, even when space is limited. ••...

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Electric operating systems Control unit - HPS 200 / 400 image Electric operating systems Main control unit with integrated Micro PLC Hydraulic oil reservoir, content 3 ltr. Hydraulic oil filter, to place in low pressure return line Control valves / manifolds - HPS 200 / 400 image Electric (quick) release, adjustable flow restrictor, 12-24V, can also be used in manual systems. Manual back-up pump, for emergency use in case of power failure Manifold for 2 single acting cylinders, like outhaul, cunningham, backstay etc. 4 way selector valve, auto-holds on standby functions Manifold for 1...

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Mast jacks The Reckmann hydraulic mast jack gives you a choice between two different systems for pre-tensioning your rig. Through-bar systems Through-bar sets (incl. 2 jacks, pump, pressure gauge, hose and carrying case) model Through bar mast jack system Our through-bar mast jack systems contain lightweight aluminium cylinders. Sets are supplied in a carrying case containing both jacks, hydraulic T-hose, pump and pressure gauge. Optionally equipped with stainless steel couplers. An in-mast jack system needs a stainless steel jack with a tilting saddle, a hydraulic hose and a pump with...

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