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EF90 Electric Reefing System RC30 Carbon Reefing System Roller Reefing Systems from Reckmann are the first choice for sailing vessels of all sizes; they are the preferred system on 30-foot boats as well as on megayachts. In addition to series boats and semi-custom projects from Nautor (Swan), Baltic, Oyster, X-Yachts and Contest we also equip individual yachts from international boatyards. There are three main reasons why we have earned this excellent reputation. Firstly, our products offer ease of handling, work under all conditions, are extremely reliable and essentially maintenance free....

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INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY The RF90 is a hydraulic high-performance system for foresails. Its virtually maintenance-free gearing technology guarantees maximum function-ality and longevity. Thanks to spiral mesh gearing and uncom- promising bearing technology it operates extremely quietly. Combined with a self-braking worm gear, which hinders a transfer of force from even the largest sail areas onto the hydraulic drive, it meets the highest industrial standards. RÊÊFING SYSTEM Perfection in function and design. Manufactured according to the most stringent quality control criteria and equipped...

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Halyard Swivel Technology Maximum functionality and nearly no maintenance are the decisive advantages of our halyard swivels. The profile forestay rotates without any noticeable friction even under high halyard loads, thanks to the high-performance stainless steel bearings and the top quality materials used. The tightly-fitted ball bearings or ball/needle bearings bear the load. ATTENTION TO DETAIL C B A D G F RF90 A ** B C D E * F G ** Weight Motor *** Oil Flow Pressure (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg) -2 440 128 156 280 50 310 21 OMM20 (l/min) 10 (bar) 140 -3 510 145 180 320 60 -4...

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in the challenge of trimming two closely-adjacent forestays, which requires rapid and flexible reactions, this solution shows itself to be of decisive and comfortable assistance. The “Real Time Adjuster” was developed for the RT Series of the RF 90 and to this end has been equipped with an adjusting cylinder, operated via the on-board hydraulic system. At an operating pressure of 350 bar it bears the entire forestay load and has an Aluminium profile R20 R30 Carbon profile S2.5 max. rod size -17 -30 max. wire (mm) 10 12 max. forestay length 18m 23m adjustment range of 100 – 250 mm. Forestay...

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Reckmann Hydraulic Applications ° RF90 Roller Reefing Systems ° "Real Time" RF90 Forestay Length Adjuster ° RF90 Below Deck Furler ° In Mast & In Boom Furling ° Hydraulic Outhaul & Main Sheet Systems Hydraulic Winches Hydraulic Boom Vang & Backstay Hydraulic Transom Hatch Anchor Winches Special Functions Naturally we also develop and produce specific customised solutions. Our engineers will gladly work with you with complete confidence to realise your projects. Why not give us a call? System solutions for all applications Reckmann Hydraulic units are available in five sizes and are...

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