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PP IV - 1


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PP IV - 2

The smallest power pack in this series has an impact-resistant plastic reservoir and is designed for use on smaller boats. It can be mounted upright or on its side and is therefore easily almost everywhere installed. Oil reservoir volume in litres 3 Operating pressure in bar (setvia integral pressure control valve) 1 40 Maximum operating pressure in bar 160 Maximum flow rate* in litre/min. 9,8 Flow rate* at 100 bar in litre/min. 7,2 Flow rate* at 140 bar in litre/min. 6,5 Hose connector Required hydraulic hoses R1/4" female thread or Parker fitting 6F42EDMXSS R3/8" female thread or Parker...

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PP IV - 3

Reckmann Power Packs distinguish themselves by their extremely Reckmann Hydraulic Power Packs are an impressive combination compact construction, which makes it possible to install these units of performance and safety. Due to their modular design the Power virtually anywhere below deck. Because each hydraulic function can Packs can be easily extended at a later date to provide control for be adjusted to suit individual pressure and flow rate requirements, other hydraulic functions. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY, Electrical Data Required fuse for electric motor at 24V in A Required fuse for control...

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PP IV - 4

P O W E RPACK 1 The more powerful version of the PP1 with an anodised aluminium reservoir is designed for 2 functions. The extremely compact construction makes it particularly easy to access and hence easy to service. POWERPACK 1I Power Pack Size 2 provides control for up to five applications. The use of anodised aluminium makes the system extremely resistant to corrosion and very light in proportion to its performance.

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PP IV - 5

POWERPACK 1II The particularly powerful Power Pack Size 3 offers a twin pump system which can supply twice the volume flow within the 100 bar pressure range. The anodised aluminium power pack provides control for up to 10 functions. POWERPACK 1V This powerful hydraulic system, with its two direct current (DC) tandem pump units, has ample spare capacity at its disposal, so it can maintain sufficient system pressure even with a reduced oil flow should one of the pumps.

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PP IV - 6

Reckmann Hydraulic Applications ° RF90 Roller Reefing Systems Naturally we also develop and produce specific ° “Real Time” RF90 Forestay Length Adjuster ° Hydraulic Boom Vang & Backstay customised solutions. Our engineers will gladly ° RF90 Below Deck Furler ° Hydraulic Transom Hatch work with you with complete confidence to ° In Mast & In Boom Furling realise your projects. ° Hydraulic Outhaul & Main Sheet Systems System solutions for all applications Roller Reefing Systems from Reckmann are the individual yachts from international boatyards. art technology and the materials used are first...

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