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RMR-Main Reef Masts RMR main reef masts are constantly updated and with their proven drive technology are particularly designed ABOVE STANDARDS for sailors who need to reef the mainsail simply and safely when sailing with a small crew. The RMR system makes it easier to handle both large and small yachts. Reeng the mainsail to the required size can be done Reckmann Reefing Systems & Hydraulics has been building by one person from the safety of the cockpit. high quality aluminium masts up to 38m in length for The drive for the luff rod is provided by a virtually maintenance-free hydraulic drive with self-braking worm gear, spiral bevel many decades. gears and helical drive gears in combination with a robust Danfoss hydraulic motor. All profiles up to 30m in length are made from one piece to avoid hydraulic foot outhaul system joints, which weaken the mast and detract from its well-balanXR-Fullbatten Masts new generation of perfect masts XR-Leisurefurl We offer the proven Leisurefurl boom for experienced sailors who wish to use an in-boom ced curve. This guarantees an excellent performance and a reefing system in order to achieve lower mast weight and a greater mainsail area, either long service life. The three mast types offered are custom for retrofitting or in combination with our XR mast. made and enable an optimal system solution adapted to the type of ship and customer wishes. In contrast to the in-mast furling systems, where the sail is rolled onto a vertical luff rod within the mast profile, with a boom reef system the sail is furled and reefed horizontally onto a hollow section within the boom. The Leisurefurl system is noted for its smart and reliable design combined with simplicity of operation. The patented mounting of the luff rod within the boom makes it possible to furl the mainsail directly at the trailing edge of the boom. Depending on boat size the luff rod can RMR-Main Reef Masts either be driven manually via a reef line or via an electric respectively hydraulic drive integrated in the boom. Sliders are just as unnecessary for the foot outhaul or luff as the reefing lines or Cunningham. XR-LF RMR-Drive Unit Goosneck fitting

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RMR-Drive Unit The hydraulic drive and the gooseneck bearing are connected with a cardan RMR-Main Reef Masts shaft to let the gear turn without any pulling loads from the luff rod system and RMR main reef masts are constantly updated and with their proven drive technology are particularly designed to compensate any little misalignments. An easy to operate special length adjust- for sailors who need to reef the mainsail simply and safely when sailing with a small crew. ment system to get the right luff rod tension is standard. ABOVE STANDARDS This drive has undergone extensive development...

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Link Plate The light and streamlined conventional XR Full- company‘s capabilities. Depending on customer requirements batten masts permit optimal sail trim and have XR masts are either built with conventional sliders or with a been designed particularly with performance- track system for fully battened sails. orientated sailors in mind. In addition to our uncompromising commitment to a 100% The proven lazy-jack system simplifies the reefing of the main- secure rig we consistently take all factors into consideration sail considerably and makes it possible for a small crew to take in the...

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XR-Fullbatten Masts RMR-Main Reef Masts Reckmann Products Reckmann Custom Solution Reckmann Reefing Systems & Hydraulics manufactures and Naturally, we also develop and produce specific customised supplies all of the rigging and drive systems needed on a sailing solutions. Our engineers will gladly work together with you with vessel. Whether masts or reefing systems, all system components complete confidence in order to realise your projects. are available from this “one-stop shop” and are optimally matched to each other. Reckmann Yacht Equipment GmbH · Siemensstrasse 37-39 · D-25462...

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