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RF90 Hydraulic Reefing System RC30 Carbon Reefing System Roller Reefing Systems from Reckmann are the first choice for sailing vessels of all sizes; they are the preferred system on 30-foot boats as well as on megayachts. In addition to series boats and semi-custom projects from Nautor (Swan), Baltic, Oyster, X-Yachts and Contest we also equip individual yachts from international boatyards. There are three main reasons why we have earned this excellent reputation. Firstly, our products offer ease of handling, work under all conditions, are extremely reliable and essentially maintenance...

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EF90 - 3

EF90 The electric EF90 Roller Reefing Systems, with their outstanding performance features and exceptional design, make sailing equally comfortable as it is engaging. NEW GENERATION ELECTRIC ROLLER REEFING SYSTEM The EF90 electric Roller Reefing Systems combine a trend-setting design with a high level of efficiency in an extremely high-performance system.They are designed for yachts of approximately 36 to 70 feet Tailor-made to the requirements of demanding yachtsmen, the in length and forestays of 8 to 16 mm in diameter (alternatively rods technology used as far as the fittings are...

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EF90 - 4

Maximum functionality and nearly no maintenance are the decisive advantages of our halyard swivels. The profile forestay rotates without any noticeable friction even under high halyard loads, thanks to the high-performance stainless steel bearings and the top quality materials used. The tightly-fitted ball bearings or ball/needle bearings bear the load. Motor Data Necessary battery capacity for 12V is 140Ah Necessary battery capacity for 24V is 70Ah

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EF 90 through deck fittings Push button Switch box near the cockpit or in the engine room Terminal box in the bow area Battery Reckmann Products Reckmann Custom Solutions Reckmann Reefing Systems & Hydraulics manufactures and Naturally, we also develop and produce specific customised supplies all of the rigging and drive systems needed on a sailing solutions. Our engineers will gladly work together with you with vessel. Whether masts or reefing systems, all system components complete confidence in order to realise your projects. are available from this “one-stop shop” and are optimally...

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