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Rigging hydraulics TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION SHEET | Cylinders | HCL Cylinders (mm) model art. nr; clear black max. working pressure Mpa/bar max. pulling force kN piston area (mm2) (hydraulics) stroke oil content type of oil piston area (mm2) (pneumatics) Cylinders Long stroke Our cylinders have a long stroke as standard, giving you maximum trim possibilities. Lightweight Advanced design techniques and materials keep weight to a minimum. Durable design High-quality materials and manufacturing ensures robust and reliable performance. Va r i o u s f i n i s h o p t i o n s Clear and black anodized aluminium finish as standard.

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Rigging hydraulics TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION SHEET | Cylinders | HCL Dimensions (mm) model A cylinder diameter B cylinder connection C1 thread of plunger rod C2 length of thread D pin diameter E1 groove width E2 shim width F1 width of jaw F2 width of pin H plunger rod diameter G gas lling opening I distance to center of pin J1 depth of groove of jaw J2 depth of groove of jaw L maximum length L1 maximum length K yoke diameter Weight (lb) Reckmann Yacht Equipment GmbH | Siemensstr. 37-39 | D-25462 Rellingen | T +49 (0) 4101 3849-0 | E | While the greatest care...

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