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Thermal Cameras

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Thermal Cameras Fixed and Handheld Night Vision Helping to Keep You Safe

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How Thermal Night Vision Cameras Help Keep You Safe Turn Night into Day • Safer navigation • Life-saving potential in man-overboard situations • Enhanced visibility and situational awareness at night • Easy docking in low light • Iceberg detection and avoidance • Boat security and surveillance Navigation and Collision Avoidance. Thermal night vision cameras make navigation safer with clear video that helps you to see hazards like buoys, floating debris, rocks, land, bridges, and other vessels night and day. Thermal night vision cameras from Raymarine are easy to use, and require no...

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TH-Series Handheld Thermal Night Vision The new Raymarine TH Series Thermal Cameras gives boaters the power to see clearly in total darkness. Both models use the same proven FLIR thermal imaging technology as Raymarine’s premium T Series fixed mount thermal night vision systems, but in a compact, handheld easily accessible format. TH Series Thermal Cameras make pictures from heat, not light, helping you see landmarks, obstructions, and other vessels clearly in all light conditions from direct sunlight to complete darkness. Thermal night vision improves your ability to see rocks, buoys,...

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NEW Slew-to-Cue Target Tracking Slew-To-Cue improves situational awareness and safety by allowing the thermal camera to automatically keep “cued” targets in view at all times. Chart Object Slew-to-Cue Touch the display (cue) and the thermal camera automatically moves to the cursor position (slew), allowing you to keep chart objects like buoys or obstructions in constant view. Auto Slew to AIS and MARPA Targets T Series cameras and Raymarine MFDs can Auto Slew to dangerous MARPA and AIS targets, keeping dangerous targets in the camera’s sight during limited visibility situations. MOB Auto...

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TH Series Range and Detection Range and Detection Raymarine thermal night vision cameras create pictures using thermal energy. Everything that is warmer than absolute zero (-273º celsius) generates thermal energy, even ice! Although this energy is invisible to the naked eye, Raymarine thermal night vision cameras detect it and turn it into video that is easy to understand, allowing you to see more and see further than you could with your eyes. The range at which Raymarine thermal night vision cameras detect objects is shown in the graphics (right). However, actual object detection range...

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Stabilised Cameras T470SC/T473SC Professional Thermal Cameras The choice of professional mariners, the T470SC and T473SC offer premium imaging performance combined with state of the art 2 axis gyro stabilisation. These rugged cameras are equipped with high resolution 640 x 480 thermal sensors and a full color low light video camera provides enhanced situational awareness in all conditions. • Active gyro-stabilization provides steady imagery when seas are rough • Extreme low light color visible camera with 10x zoom is ideal for positively identifying targets in daytime or low light...

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Control with Raymarine Apps RayControl transforms tablets into both a viewer and full function, 2-way control; the tablet syncs with the multifunction display and users touch the tablet screen to control the MFD. RayControl also features ‘pop-out’ virtual keypad mirroring the MFD’s rotary controller and hard keys, enabling users to operate all available functions wirelessly and remotely. RayControl works with all of Raymarine’s new e Series and c Series MFD’s. Raymarine T Series Joystick Control unit The ergonomic controller provides ready access to all critical system functions and smooth,...

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Video resolution: see comparison table Field of view: see comparison table Digital zoom: see comparison table Low light video: see comparison table Focal length: see comparison table Power consumption: 25W nominal; 50W maximum Power requirements: 12 VDC to 24 VDC (-10% / +30%) Connector types: F Type Connector with F to BNC adaptor included for video out Video output: NTSC or PAL Pan/tilt coverage: 360º continuous pan, ± 90º tilt Stabilisation: T470SC and T473SC only Weight: ~ 4.1kg (9lb) except T470SC/T473SC 5.2kg (11.5lbs) Size (dia x height): 178mm x 284mm except T470SC/T473SC 178 x...

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