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ClearPulse CHIRP Sonar imaging. The difference is clear to see! Raymarine's new CP450C brings the benefits of Raymarine’s award winning ClearPulse CHIRP sonar technology to Raymarine multifunction displays and software. ClearPulse CHIRP technology minimises surface clutter and water column noise, revealing more fish. It also delivers the most life-like bottom structure presentation without the need for manual tuning or adjustments. The operation is truly "hands-off." ClearPulse CHIRP processing marks individual bait fish and game fish, even when tightly packed together, or stacked...

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CP450C CHIRP Broadband Sonar Features The CP450C with ClearPulse CHIRP technology goes beyond high definition and offers increased resolution and deeper depths. • TruZoom™ mode for a precise magnified view of fish targets, bottom structure and baitfish without any loss of resolution seen with traditional sonar. • High-speed scrolling (Fast Pulse Rate) with 80 pulses a second and enhanced shallow water and high-speed operation. • SeaTalkhs Ethernet network port – new waterproof Raynet connector. • Network compatible with all new a, c and e Series MFDs and future Raymarine network...

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ClearPulse CHIRP – CP450C Sonar Module Sonar for Coastal and Inland Fishermen DSM30 ClearPulse The DSM30 is the ideal choice for the coastal and inland fishermen. The DSM30 Digital Sonar Module features Raymarine ClearPulse sonar technology, dual frequency (50/200kHz) and 600 Watts of output power. Sonar for Offshore Anglers DSM300 ClearPulse The DSM300 is the perfect choice for offshore anglers. With up to 1kW of output power (depending on choice of transducer) the DSM300 Digital Sonar module features Raymarine ClearPulse sonar technology and dual frequency (50/200kHz) operation. Bait...

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ClearPulse Sonar Modules – DSM30/DSM300 Target Fish. Thanks to ClearPulse technology, anglers can easily identify individual species of fish and their habitat at a glance and distinguish bait fish from larger species. Bottom lock. Has the unique ability to smooth out the seabed presentation and is very useful if you are looking for fish that live close to the ocean floor. It gives greater magnification of fish echo returns directly above the seabed, helping you differentiate structure from fish. A-Scope and bottom coverage. See fish and the seabed in real time – A-Scope technology...

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MFDS WITH BUILT-IN CLEARPULSE AND DIRECT CONNECTION TRANSDUCERS (SEE RAYMARINE.COM FOR DETAILS) FEATURES DEDICATED SONAR MODULES Dual frequency 200/50kHz operation Multiple operation frequencies Operating voltage Power output (depends on transducer used and a strong and consistent power supply) Infinite automatic receiver bandwidths for adapting to all types of sea and bottom conditions Receiver technology for Auto Adaptive control of Sensitivity, Pulse rate and Transmit Power Compatible with ultra high-performance transducers (inc. broad bandwidth) and widebeam Compatible with C Series...

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Transducers Choosing the right transducer for your sonar depends on; type of boat, hull design and usage. Through-hull with fairing blocks offer best performance, especially at higher speeds. Through-hull flush mounts are best for trailer boats where good performance is required and there are no protrusions from the hull. These are available in 0º, 12º and 20º tilt angles to accommodate various hull dead rises. In-hull transducers do not penetrate the hull, but do sacrifice some performance. Other parameters include matching the transducer's maximum power capability to the sonar's maximum...

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CP450C CHIRP Transducers (continued) Through Hull Dual Element CHIRP Transducers (Transducers connect directly to the CP450C) Bronze housing Urethane housing with stuffing tube Broadband ceramics Transducer construction Hull type Epoxy housing with stuffing tube Fibreglass, wood or metal Depth and fast-response water temperature Cable length Medium frequency High frequency Beam width low frequency Beam width medium frequency Beam width high frequency Transducer bandwidth Part Number Raymarine offers a 2 year Limited Warranty (upgradable to 3 years upon product registration) on products...

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