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Radar Antennas Digital Radomes ► HD Digital Radomesand Open Arrays ► Super HD Open Arrays NNOVATION • QUALITY • TRUST

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Why radar? Where are you relative to your surroundings? Is there anything nearby that could be a danger to you, or vice versa? Radar is a great aid to navigation that allows you to: ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ Each Raymarine marine radar system consists of a Raymarine multifunction display and your choice of Raymarine radome or open array antenna. Radomes Digital or HD Color Radomes are ideal when power is at a premium and mounting space is limited or restricted by rigging. Perfect for sailboats, RIBs and smaller powerboats, radomes provide exceptional performance even in the most challenging conditions –...

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Digital radar image. Entry Level Digital Radar for Smaller Vessels. Offers 4kW capability for improved performance and uses digital processing for increased target denition. Digital reduces the cable size (compared to analogue) and makes an easier interface to larger systems. Lower power consumption and costs less than a full HD Color system. HD Color radar image. Digital vs HD Color radar. HD Color Radar for Superior Target Detection and Interpretation. Powerful processing helps distinguish between target types, detect weak and distant contacts automatically, while virtually eliminating...

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Track targets Not everything transmits AIS! Using MARPA* (mini-automatic radar plotting aid) allows you to identify vessel, speed, bearing, closest point of approach (CPA) and time to closest point of approach (TCPA), dangerous/proximity alarms, overlay AIS info for further target clarification. TrurMpUOn HAH 1 Wnm CSTL SHD>2 '.:■!•■ up TtmMiMn fl|n«i J.SO 1. Target (T) has been acquired (red circle overlay) using MARPA and is being tracked by your radar. Speed and bearing of the target are shown and the target's heading is shown as a thin red line at 65°(TH). 2. The tracked target has now...

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Chart Overlay Radar can be overlaid onto a chart to clearly identify targets (as shown in the left half of the image above). Note the superior target clarity and separation on the submarine barrier to the left of both screens. Weather advantage Raymarine's HD Color scanners provide superior all weather performance allowing you to still see targets through rain and thunderstorms. Use radar to track weather too. Cut the clutter Detect targets at very close proximity to your vessel, right through to very long ranges to see distant vessels, land features and even weather fronts. Distinguish...

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Just a few examples of the elements that you might see with your Raymarine radar: Corresponding submarine barrier Corresponding AIS transmitting vessels at anchor Corresponding radar overlay Vessel position Corresponding small shing vessel Corresponding cardinal mark Clear return from submarine barrier 0.5nm range rings showing 4.25nm to harbour Chart view with corresponding radar overlay Radar return AIS transmitting vessels at anchor Vessel position Clear return from small shing vessel Clear return from cardinal mark Radar display Safe emissions Powerful enough to slice through...

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RADAR – MULTIFUNCTION DISPLAY COMPATIBILITY* a Series / c Series / e Series With HD Color and Super HD Color radar only With HD Color and Super HD Color radar only Bird mode and high speed radar scanning (48rpm) With HD Color dome and Super open array only With HD Color dome and Super HD Color open array only Dual radar antenna installation Yes but accessible one at a time, one or the other Can access both radars at the same time Digital radar HD Color and Super HD Color Dual range * For previous multifunction display compatibility, please check www.raymarine.com ** Horizontal beam width on...

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RADAR SPECIFICATIONS ORDERING INFORMATION Power System Voltage: 12 / 24V Systems Voltage range: 10.8 – 32 V DC Digital Radomes RD418D 4kW 18" Digital Radome (no cable) E92130 E92132 RD424D 4kW 24" Digital Radome (no cable) Power consumption: Typical HD Color Radomes E92142 RD418HD 4kW 18" HD Color Radome (no cable) E92143 RD424HD 4kW 24" HD Color Radome (no cable) Frequency Transmitter frequency: 12kW radar 9420 ± 20 MHz. All other radar 9405 ± 20 MHz Environmental Operating temperature range: -10ºC – +55ºC Non operating temperature range:-20ºC – +70ºC Humidity: Up to 95% Waterproong...

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