Product Guide 2018 - 80 Pages

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Product Guide 2018

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SIMPLY SUPERIOR Raymarine products are engineered to deliver the very best in visual navigation information and with a legacy of marine technology spanning over 80 years, we are renowned today for ease-of-use, rugged design, and reliability. At Raymarine, we are constantly innovating to deliver high-performance sensors and intelligent navigation systems so your time on the water is stress-free and fun. We are committed to you with an industry-leading warranty and worldwide service network. Whether you fish, sail, or cruise you can get underway with the confidence of Raymarine on board

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LightHouse™ MFD Operating System Axiom Multifunction Displays Axiom Pro HybridTouch Displays gS Series Glass Bridge Displays Marine Charts Sonar Overview Dragonfly Sonar/GPS CHIRP DownVision & SideVision Sonar Digital & CHIRP Sonar Radar Overview Radar Antennas Autopilots FLIR Thermal Vision Overview Thermal Night Vision Cameras Marine Video Cameras AIS Receivers & Transceivers Instruments Digital Switching VHF Radios Satellite TV Audio General Specification Informat

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LIGHTHOUSE 3 INTUITIVE AND POWERFUL OS The easy-to-use operating system inside every Raymarine multifunction display, LightHouse™ puts you in command with a fluid touch-screen or HybridTouch™ user experience. LightHouse lets you navigate with the best charts and makes navigating as simple as using a smartpho

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HOME SCREEN The LightHouse 3 home screen offers bold and simple app icons. Customize the home screen with your favourite apps. TAKE COMMAND LightHouse 3’s easy-touse interface will put you in complete command with just a few touches. YOUR DATA – JUST A SWIPE AWAY Swipe the side of the display to reveal the Side Bar data display. The Side Bar also appears automatically if a GOTO command is initiated. BEAUTIFUL DATA SMART CONTEXT MENUS Drag and drop your databoxes anywhere on your screen. Choose from 4 different size options and up to 14 different data types. Uncluttered menus with quick...

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LIGHTHOUSE 3 NETWORKING The LightHouse 3 OS and Axiom are expandable and support the full range of Raymarine accessories, including Quantum radar, CHIRP Sonar, FLIR thermal cameras, audio integration, instruments, cameras, and Evolution autopilot. Standard Wi-Fi connectivity allows connection to the latest Raymarine apps for tablets and smartphones. VIDEO CAMERAS REMOTE KEYPAD SONAR MODULES FLIR THERMAL EVOLUTION AUTOPILOT Wi-Fi – PHONE/TABLET

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Lieplhs Vifw It MDlmn Mfriirsccd Page sellinga LAST ACTIVE 12 AUClCne USER PROFILES    LIGHTHOUSE LIVEVIEW MENU™ CONTROLS LightHouse 3 User Profiles saves    Easily customise the chart and see the navigation display change in real time. your personal home screen and configuration preferences. REGULAR LIGHTHOUSE UPDATES LightHouse is an expanding user interface with regular downloadable FREE updates. Make sure you are up to date with latest features including LightHouse charts available from

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AXIOM® MULTIFUNCTION The Axiom® family of navigation displays are rugged, all-glass touch screens available in 7.0, 9.0, and 12.1-inch display sizes and are powered by the intuitive LightHouse 3 operating system. Equipped with a blazing fast quad core processor, Axiom delivers smooth tablet-like operation and stunning RealVision™ Sonar imagery. Engineered to expand, Axiom displays support Raymarine’s full range of sensors and add-on modules, including Quantum radar, CHIRP sonar modules, Evolution autopilots and FLIR thermal night vision. Standard Wi-Fi connectivity allows connection to the...

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LIGHTHOUSE 3 OS Fast, fluid, and easy to learn. An uncluttered interface that is easily personalised for your style of navigating. SUPPORT FOR THE BEST CHARTS From Navionics and C-MAP. Or choose LightHouse vector and raster charts from leading mapmakers like NV Digital, Solteknik HB and more... FLIR THERMAL VISION Combined with the FLIR M132 or M232 night vision cameras, ClearCruise™ thermal video analytics technology actively monitors the scene and provides alerts when any nonwater objects enter the camera’s field of

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RUGGED ALL-GLASS DISPLAY Optimised for flush or surface mounting. Sleek button-less design with swipe to power control. POWERFUL 4 CHANNEL SONAR Supports RealVision 3D, CHIRP DownVision, SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP with 600 Watt (50/200 kHz) sonar. WIDE SPECTRUM CHIRP Transmits on 60 different frequencies for the most life-like sonar imagery and simply the best fish targeting– hands down! EASY FISH IDENTIFICATION Easily identify structure and locate fish with the life-like clarity of RealVision™ 3D sonar. GYRO STABILISED SONAR TECHNOLOGY Gyro stabilisation compensates for boat movement,...

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AXIOM® PRO HYBRIDTOUCH™ DISPLAYS Axiom Pro is engineered for captains that want it all. Available with RealVision 3D, 1kw CHIRP sonar, and Raymarine HybridTouch control, Axiom Pro is the new standard for “all-in-one” multifunction devices. And with a blazing fast quad core processor, a super bright high-definition IPS display, and the smart LightHouse OS, Axiom Pro delivers a fluid and intuitive navigation experience. Axiom Pro is easy to expand into an advanced navigation network that includes multiple Raymarine Axiom displays, CHIRP radar, Evolution autopilot, FLIR thermal night vision...

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INTUITIVE CONTROL With Raymarine HybridTouch you can enjoy simple touch screen interaction or take control of Axiom Pro from its keypad and multi-function rotary control. The choice is yours. BLAZING FAST Quad core processor delivers instantaneous response and the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously without any slowdowns. BOLD AND BRIGHT Optical bonding technology and high definition IPS display panels give you stunning colour, clarity, and contrast in all lighting conditions. Axiom Pro looks great even through polarised sunglasses. HYBRIDTOUCH™ Control Axiom Pro from its...

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