Dragonfly - Sonar/GPS with CHIRP DownVision - 8 Pages

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Dragonfly - Sonar/GPS with CHIRP DownVision

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with CHIRP DownVision™ 2014 Dragonfly Brochure v2.0 (8 Page) Euro.indd 1

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Experience Visionality See the real world below with Dragonfly View the world beneath your boat with the photo-like clarity of Dragonfly’s DownVision™ sonar, the first high-resolution imaging sonar for anglers to use CHIRP technology. • Raymarine’s award winning CHIRP DownVision technology gives anglers underwater vision so close to reality we call it Visionality. Image structure and target fish on a single sonar display in depths down to 600ft. (180 metres) • View photo-like images of bottom structure with CHIRP DownVision • Display high resolution structure images and target fish at the...

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CHIRP Sonar Technology Unlike conventional imaging sonars that transmit a single frequency with each pulse, Dragonfly’s DownVision sonar uses CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies with each pulse – the result is much higher-resolution, life-like sonar images. Seeing is Believing. The amazing sonar imagery above is from actual Dragonfly owners. To see more of Dragonfly’s real world performance please visit www.raymarine.com/dragonfly New Internal 50-channel fast aquisition GPS Super-bright 1500 nit optically bonded display Micro SD chart and memory reader...

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Easy screen switcher Rugged enclosure built-to IPX6 and IPX7 waterproof and submersion standards Automatic sonar optimisation; no adjustment required Uni-controller – joystick cursor and rotary dial Simple button control 2014 Dragonfly Brochure v2.0 (8 Page) Euro.indd 4

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Single power and transducer connector with thumb-friendly locking collar Optional Thule locking cylinder for enhanced security Tilt and swivel quick release cradle with optional locking core for added security Dual-Channel CHIRP – Two Sonars in One Dragonfly includes two discrete CHIRP sonar channels. The first is an ultra-high resolution DownVision channel and the second a highresolution fish targeting sonar channel. View each sonar channel independently or switch to dual sonar split screen mode for the ultimate in underwater intelligence. 2014 Dragonfly Brochure v2.0 (8 Page) Euro.indd 5...

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2014 Dragonfly Brochure v2.0 (8 Page) Euro.indd 6

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Dual Channel CHIRP Dragonfly utilizes dual-channel CHIRP transducers. DownVision produces a 60º side-to-side and 1.4º fore to aft beam. The second element provides a conical shaped beam for imaging fish targets, ensuring you will never miss any of the action below your boat. DownVision transducers are available in transom mount, trolling motor and thruhull mounting options. CPT-70 and CPT-80 plastic/bronze through hull transducers also available. Ultra wide DownVisionTM Powerful LightHouse Chart Engine Navigate with premium Navionics vector charts including Navionic’s community sourced...

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See the Real World Below with Dragonfly and Visionality Dragonfly Specifications General Power/transducer combined input Waterproofing standard Display size Display resolution Power consumption at full brightness Operating voltage range Nominal supply voltage Internal 50 channel fast acquisition GPS Chart Compatibility LightHouse Vector and Raster charts. Navionics Silver, Gold and Hotmaps Chart Media Sonar Sonar Type CHIRP Sonar Sonar Channels Depth Range 183m (600 ft) in both DownVision and Sonar modes Raymarine Belgium Bvba, Luxemburgstraat 2, 2321 Meer, Belgium T: (+32) (0) 3665 5162...

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