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Digital Switching

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Digital Switching Vessel System Control and Automation Digital Switching Final (Oct 2014).indd 1

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Digital Switching Vessel System Control and Automation WHAT IS DIGITAL SWITCHING? Raymarine Digital Switching brings all of the power and convenience of advanced home automation to your boat. Digital Switching allows you to control onboard electrical and electronic systems like lighting, airconditioning, navigation lights, wipers, horns, entertainment systems, security systems and much more from your network-connected multifunction displays, smartphone or tablet. Raymarine Digital Switching replaces the standard mechanical circuit breakers and switches with state-of-the-art digital power...

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PHOTOGRAPHY: JOE MCCARTHY AND SEARAY Digital Switching FInal (Oct 2014).indd 3

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GRAPHICAL INTERFACE Audio Entertainment Wiper Control Climate Control Environment Lighting Assets for every type of circuit switch or monitor Fully customisable screens. Assets may be dragged and dropped into any configuration Screens can be personalised by uploading boat images Digital Switching FInal (Oct 2014).indd 4

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DEVICE CONTROL RAYMARINE MULTIFUNCTION DISPLAYS Control your environment and onboard technology using Raymarine a/c/eSeries displays or gS Series glass bridge displays. MOBILE DEVICES With Raymarine Control and Remote Apps, you can take control using a tablet or smartphone. 5 Digital Switching FInal (Oct 2014).indd 5

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Gang Plank/Passerelle Spot Lights Navigation Lights Thermal Camera CONTROL UNITS AND MODULES MASTER CONTROL UNIT (MCU) The Master Control Unit is the central processor that drives the system, providing computing power, intelligence and decision making. In addition, there are various interfaces for connection to external devices and a remote control port. Master Control Unit installation showing connection of switchable devices The MCU is a NMEA2000 device that talks to other system components via the NMEA2000 network. The MCU stores and executes configuration files for installation; holding...

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Black Tanks Bilge Pumps Heated Windows COMPATIBLE WITH ENOCEAN WIRELESS SWITCHES, SENSORS, AND CONTROLS Completely wireless and self-powered, ENOcean enabled switches, sensors, and climate controls use state-of-the-art energy-harvesting technology. Wireless-enabled CCMs can support up to 16 ENOcean wireless devices. ENOcean wireless light switches, thermostats, and motion sensors can be installed anywhere because they never need wires, batteries, or a power connection. ENOcean channels available. CIRCUIT CONTROL MODULE The Circuit Control Module (CCM) is a NMEA2000 device that is connected...

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DESIGNING AND CONFIGURING A RAYMARINE DIGITAL SWITCHING SYSTEM Raymarine’s Digital Switching system is ideally suited to new-build yachts as well as vessels undergoing major overhaul or refit. Next, Raymarine’s experts will match that list of requirements and channels to the best combination of specific CCMs and accessories. Raymarine’s Digital Switching experts will work with the boat builder or shipyard to determine which onboard devices are suitable for Digital Switching control, and from where those items will be controlled. A detailed list of equipment and individual power requirements...

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CCM UNIT DETAILS Uniquely flexible and configurable, the CCM is able to handle everything required for a modern boat installation: Channel select touch panel Power +ve 12/24V Manual channel ON/OFF OUTPUTS • Configurable fuse setting up to 18A • High and low-side options for reversible function • Dimming function, including soft start/stop • Under-current circuit detection INPUTS • Configurable thresholds for alarms and/or graphical functions • Plus or minus sensing for digital • Analogue inputs for voltage (0-32V), current (4-20mA) or resistive Manual trip reset MULTIPLEXED CHANNELS • Up to...

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MCU UNIT DETAILS The Master Control Unit (MCU) provides numerous benefits to the existing Circuit Control Modules (CCMs): • The MCU-200 adds GSM capabilities to the system. A dedicated SIM card slot allows the MCU-200 to connect to a mobile GSM network and communicate with a smartphone via text messaging. • The MCU-150 offers a dedicated CAN-bus link to third-party systems such as air conditioning, battery management etc. • In larger systems, the MCU stores the full configuration and ensures effective communication between CCMs. Circuit select touch panel Address Display CAN Bus connection...

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SIMPLE SYSTEM • Up to 3 Circuit Control Modules (CCMs) with a total of 48 channels. • Can be connected directly to Raymarine SeaTalkng network. • Each Circuit Control Module requires power. Raymarine Multifunction Display (MFD) Circuit Control Module Circuit Control Module Circuit Control Module Channel connections EXPANDED SYSTEM Master Control Unit • More than 3 CCM s require an MCU in the system. • Access to GSM and Ethernet. • Hugely expandable. Circuit Control Modules Raymarine Multifunction Display (MFD) Circuit Control Modules Channel connections Digital Switching FInal (Oct...

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CONTROLLABLE ITEMS The diagram below shows a selection of the items you could control using Digital Switching Bilge Tanks Underwater Lights Navigation Lights Bathing Platform Trim Tabs Power Hatch Heated Windows Thermal Cameras Fuel Pump Fresh Water Pump Spot Lights Shore Power Gang Plank/Passerelle Electric Windows CONTENT NOTE The technical and graphical information contained in this brochure, to the best of our knowledge, was correct as it went to press. However, the Raymarine policy of continuous improvement and updating may change product specifications without prior notice. Therefore,...

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