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Autopilots - Above Deck Pilots/Inboard Pilots

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Raymarine Autopilots Above Deck Pilots Inboard Pilots

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Autohelm autopilots: Your experienced Extra Crew Member So what is an autopilot? An autopilot connects to your steering system and continually corrects your boat's heading with information supplied by the compass, wind transducers or GPS/Plotter. Above Deck Autopilots Above Deck autopilots are simple to install and remain in the cockpit in all types of weather. Autopilots are designed to maintain an accurate course in various sea conditions with minimal helm movement. They can act as a spare pair of hands or an extra crew member allowing you to trim the sails or get the fenders over the...

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Inboard Autopilots Inboard (below decks) autopilots are permanently mounted below decks and are more powerful, more reliable, steer your boat better and can be supplied with a range of autopilot controllers. Raymarine autopilot systems integrate seamlessly with our line of multifunction display products for easy tracking to plotted waypoints and routes. We offer a full range of autopilot systems for vessels of all sizes. Our team of trained autopilot specialists and technical dealers stand ready to help you design the best solution for your vessel. Typical inboard system: course computer,...

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SmartPilot Inboard Autopilots Adding a Raymarine autopilot system to your vessel is one of the smartest choices you can make. In addition to the convenience it offers on long passages, today's autopilot systems offer you signicant economic advantages too. Raymarine SmartPilot systems save both time and fuel by steering the straightest course possible. Integration with optional wind, speed and heading sensors allow the autopilot to compensate for the effects of winds and currents automatically. 1: Know Your Boat 4: Course Computer Matching What is the size of your boat and its displacement?...

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PHOTO: © NIKLOAS CLARIS 5: The Control Head Smart Rudder SenseTM technology. Allows precise steering without the use of a rudder feedback sensor. This innovative feature is ideal for outboard engines and installations that can not t a rudder sensor. Course computer selection is determined by the drive unit which in turn is determined by the steering system. Please see table below. While your vessel's steering system determines the type of drive unit required, and the course computer is matched to the drive unit, the choice of control head is a matter of personal preference since each...

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S100 Wireless Control The compact S100 gives you basic, onboard wireless control of any Raymarine SeaTalk autopilot, even if you’re below deck and out of sight of your autopilot. SmartController Take full, onboard control of your Raymarine SeaTalk autopilot with the wireless SmartController. Wireless operation means freedom to monitor vital information when you’re on deck or out of sight of your instruments. Will it t on your boat? Subject to production and printing limitations, the above image of the p70R Autopilot Control Head is actual size. So will it t on your boat? Try it for yourself...

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Above Deck Autopilots ST1000+/ST2000+ Cockpit Autopilots for Tiller Steered Yachts Invented by Autohelm in 1973, tiller pilots have consistently been the world’s most popular pilot ever since, setting the standard for performance, reliability and ease of use. SPX-5 Tiller Pilot SPX-5 Tiller Pilot is perfect for large tiller steered yachts. Steer straight to a waypoint, lock on to a given wind angle, or simply set and follow a course to steer by making the most of the full SeaTalk and NMEA compatibility. The SPX-5 Tiller Pilot is suitable for most cruising and racing scenarios. SPX-5 Tiller...

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PART NUMBERS Generic Specications Power supply: 12V systems Absolute voltage range: 10 – 16V DC Power consumption: SPX-5 Tiller /SPX-5 Wheel 250mA (standby mode) / ST1000/ST2000 at 40mA ST1000/ST2000 Tiller Pilot Weight kg (lbs): 1.53 (3.4) Mounting methods: Reversible port or starboard Display size: 45mm segmented LCD Display lighting: 3 levels plus off Connections: NMEA 0183 input and SeaTalk Thrust: ST1000: 57kg (125lbs) ST2000 77kg (169lbs) Stroke: 236mm (9.3in) ST1000 Tillerpilot ST2000 Tillerpilot SPX-5 Tiller Drive (no control head) SPX-5 Wheel Pilot (no control head) (Core Pack)...

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