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SMARTPILOT X-SERIES TECHNOLOGY SMARTPILOT X-SERIES TECHNOLOGY From the invention of the Autohelm® tiller pilot almost 30 years ago to the SmartPilot™ gyro enhanced Advance Steering Technology of today, Raymarine autopilots lead the way in autopilot technology and innovation and set a new benchmark in autopilot performance and reliability. From our tiller pilots and wheel-mounted Sportdrive to our fully integrated inboard systems, Raymarine SmartPilot X-Series (SPX) autopilots are powerful but simple to use with clear, easy-to-read LCD displays and a wide variety of options for any vessel....

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COCKPIT PILOTS Cockpit pilots are easy-to-install autopilot systems that mount directly to your boat's helm, wheel or tiller. Raymarine offers several different cockpit pilot options engineered for vessels up BELOW DECK PILOTS Typically recommended for boats larger than 30 feet, below deck autopilots generally con- sist of three main components: the drive unit, the corepack, and a control head. Raymarine SmartPilot systems accommodate a wide range of steering systems including hydraulic, mechanical, and power assisted stern drive steering systems. Step One: Choose a Control Head The control...

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CONTROL HEADS SELECTING AN AUTOPILOT CONTROL HEAD Raymarine control heads offer the same level of autopilot perfor- mance but vary In size and feature-sets. To take 1 advantage of the SmartPllot X-Serles Autopilot capabilities and performance, choose the ST70 Series Autopilot Control Heads. ST70 AUTOPILOT CONTROL HEAD The color ST70 offers crisp sunlight vlewablllty in a feature packed control head. Calibration Is simple with the Intuitive start-up wizard. The ST70 features an all new dodge function, 3-D Isometric autopilot view, and extensive fishing patterns. ST70 PLUS AUTOPILOT CONTROL...

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The ideal solution for a secondary autopilot control head, the ST6002, ST7002 and ST8002 can also be used as a primary autopilot control head with an X-Series Corepack; however advanced features like fishing patterns and simplified calibaration are only available with the ST70 Series control heads. The large LCD display and rotary control knob make the 5T8002 control head an excellent choice for precise course changes. The ST8002 offers 15 SeaTalk data pages and Power Steer mode (utilizing the rotary control knob) The ST7002 control head offers a large LCD display and dedicated controls for...

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SMARTPILOT X-5 TILLER PILOT SYSTEMS The SmartPllot X-5 Tiller or the high performance SmartPllot X-5 Tiller GP feature a remotely mounted course computer, fluxgate compass and ST6002 control head. The GP Tiller drive Is used by the world's top single handed race skippers. • Built-in rate gyro sensor enables Raymarlne's AST (Advanced Steering Technology) software to Intelligently monitor vessel yaw and actually anticipate course changes. • AutoLearn simplifies the calibration procedure enabling the SmartPllot X-5 to automatically adjust calibration settings based on the vessels steering...

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SMARTPILOT X-5 WHEEL PILOT FOR SAILBOATS The SmartPilot X-5 Wheel Pilot Is the successor to the popular ST4000 and S1 Wheel drive systems. Equipped with the advanced X-5 course computer this rugged wheel pilot system features Raymarlne's Advanced Steering Technology (AST). The SPX-5's integral rate gyro sensor and AST offers smarter performance and enables the SPX-5 to "AutoLearn" the vessel's steering characteristics for improved course keeping and simplified calibration Wheel Pilot Features: • Advanced wheel mounted cockpit autopilot system for sailing vessels • All new SmartPilot X-5...

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Sport Drive The perfect crew member for power and sport boats, the SmartPilot X-5 Sport is an nnovative helm mounted autopilot system that is easy-to-use and easy-to-install The rugged Sportdrive system simply mounts to an existing fixed or tilt steering helm. No cutting hydraulic lines or complicated rudder sensors are required. Behind the scenes the intelligent X-5 course computer provides precise steering, while the proven ST6002 control head offers intuitive autopilot control • Helm mounted autopilot system • Easy-to-install autopilot for power boats typically up to 30' (9m) • Built-in...

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S1000 WIRELESS AUTOPILOT SYSTEM No wires, no plugs. The S1000 utilizes the latest in wireless technology for reliable and convenient autopilot control. Everything you need for installation is included in the SmartPilot S1000 box, including fittings, hoses and tools. (For most applications. In some instances, additional fittings, hardware or tools may be required.) Key features of the S1000 Autopilot system include: • Smooth course changes regardless of boat speed • The anglers' copilot with automatic fishing patterns • Intuitive, menu driven interface • No rudder reference is required...

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ULIC DRIVES SELECTING A DRIVE: HYDRAULIC STEERING SYSTEMS Raymarine SmartPilots connect to hydraulic steering systems using a rugged hydraulic pump matched to the capacity of the vessel's hydraulic steering system. To properly match a Raymarine hydraulic pump to a specific vessel and steering system, the actual size (in cubic inches) of the hydraulic cyl- inder ram (or rams) needs to be determined. Your steering system documentation will have this information. Alternatively, you can look on the actual cylinder ram itself for the brand and model number. Once you have learned the model number...

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SELECTING A DRIVE: MECHANICAL STEERING SYSTEMS When selecting an autopilot drive unit for a mechanical steering system, the vessel displacement is the determining factor for selecting the properly sized drive. When determining your vessel displacement always add 20% to the dry weight of your vessel to account for the added weight of fuel, gear, provisions and people. Next select the type of autopilot drive that is right for your mechanical steering system. Raymarine SmartPilot drive units for mechanical steering systems are available in linear, hydraulic inear, sterndrive and rotary drive...

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