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Commercial Catalog - 2

Obstacle Courses Nautilus- Power Tower — Ninja Quad Steps Fuimit- Aqua Totter- Arch Bridge 1.5 -Ascent Slide- Shoreline Slide — Odyssey - Spin Wheel Aqua Jump Eclipse -Classic Aqua Jump -Bongo Bouncers — Water Whoosh- Course Components Turbo Chute- RAVE SPORTS’ 2019 COMMERCIAL PRODUCT GUIDE For over 20 years, we’ve been serving the camps, resorts, water parks, and parks and recreation markets with innovative, high-quality inflatable waterfront systems. Our customers enhance their waterfronts and pools with fun attractions that impact camper experiences, create new attractions, and draw more...

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Commercial Catalog - 3

RAVE Sports inflatable waterpark systems offer endless creative combinations with pieces that are free-standing, connected into obstacle course systems, or a combination of connected and free-standing pieces. We partner with our customers to build systems that fit their waterfront or pool, budget, number of users, and abilites. Creating a unique and versatile inflatable waterpark system is important to our customers so they can offer innovative attrations that will offer fun experiences and attract more visitors. When we begin working with our customers, we will ask questions such as these:...

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Commercial Catalog - 4

WHERE DO I START? EVOLVE OVER TIME: Our products range from stand-alone signature pieces and trampolines to complete obstacle course systems created by combining numerous components into systems that can be built over time. This allows RAVE Sports customers to evolve their waterfronts and pool parks to meet changing demographics and budgets.

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Commercial Catalog - 6

LOOKING FOR AN ADDmONAL ACTIVITY TO OFFER? How about a Ninja-style obstacle course on your waterfront! Create team or individual challenges that will build confidence and endurance, promote teamwork, and reward achievement with RAVE's obstacle course system. Start by checking out our package examples and then contact us for more information about these packages or to create your own unique design today! This smaller low-profile configuration is nearly 70 feet long and can handle 10-15 people at a time. This suggested medium-sized configuration is 90' x 50' and is a 40 person course. It...

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Commercial Catalog - 7

This sample configuration includes a water bouncer and is 100' x 60' with a 35 person capacity. It combines an exciting obstacle course with our 20' bouncer, launch, slide and rope swing. This large configuration is 115' x 70' and supports 65 people in an endless course. From small to large courses, RAVE Sports is your #1 resource for waterfronts and pools.

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Commercial Catalog - 8

MAX THRILL FACTOR! CLIMB. SLIDE. JUMP. REPEAT. This massive mountain combines three popular activities in one: mountain climbing, cliff jumping, and sliding! The Nautilus features 37 climbing handles with a 10-foot inversion wall adding an extra challenge. From the large upper deck, users can cliff jump off or slide down the drop slide or speed slide. The Nautilus can be installed as a signature stand-alone piece, or can be attached to Splash Trax modular components or to a Water Whoosh. Inflated Size Users Product Weight Water Depth Anchor Points Connects to Item# 28’ x 25’ x 15’ (8.5 m x...

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Commercial Catalog - 9

NEW! THIS ONE DOES IT ALL... Climb, speed slide, jump onto a mega Power Tower Launch. This new Power Tower has muscle! Features include three free climbing “ladder” sides, play zone in mesh area below deck, and 55-degree speed slide for fast splashing into water. Users will also have a blast hanging out inside the power climb wall for added fun. Includes Quick Step Solo for easy boarding. Can also connect to Splash Trax components. Options Include Power Tower Launch, or Power Climb Wall. Both options include Quick Step Solo. Inflated Size (Only Power Tower) Users Product Weight Water Depth...

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Commercial Catalog - 10

CHALLENGE YOUR INNER NINJA! Designed as a component for a Splash Trax modular system, the distinctive new Ninja Quad Steps challenges aspiring ninja champions to leap from slanted step to step without falling into the water. Featuring four inflated disc steps positioned at a slant leaning into the open space below, this new obstacle requires thought and skill to overcome, but also offers great feeling of reward and accomplishment when mastered. Inflates quickly and easily connects to other Splash Trax modules utilizing Kwik-Lok straps and hook-and-loop strips for convenient, seamless and...

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Commercial Catalog - 11

TEST YOUR BALANCE AND AGILITY The new Full Tilt is the one and only component of its kind to test the balance and agility of adventurous campers and program attendees. Designed as a component for a Splash Trax modular system, the Full Tilt’s ramp pivots on its base to tip up and down while users run, walk, or step from end to end. Ninja champions will spend hours building their skills by tilting back and forth, balancing on the pivot, challenging playmates, and making friendships with this new 13.5-foot component. Inflates quickly and easily connects to other Splash Trax modules utilizing...

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Commercial Catalog - 12

WHO CAN HANG ON THE LONGEST? Created as a component integrated into a Splash Trax modular system, the new Aqua Totter is an inflatable twist on the classic teeter totter. Users will test their strength and balance skills as they hang on tight and challenge their friends to move up and down and see who can hang on the longest before splashing into the water. This unique 13.5-foot component is comprised of a base unit that connects to other Splash Trax modules utilizing Kwik-Lok straps and hook-and-loop strips covered with gap caps for convenient, seamless and safe connections, and a totter...

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Commercial Catalog - 13

CLIMB UP AND OVER! The new Arch Bridge 1.5 obstacle super-sizes fun as aspiring ninja champions are tested to climb up, over, and across as part of an integrated Splash Trax modular obstacle course. Users will put their endurance, speed, strength, and agility to the test on this bridge that's anything but ordinary. Designed with a series of cross tube steps across an arch, this unique component is a fun challenge for all ages and abilities. Inflates quickly and easily connects to other Splash Trax modules utilizing Kwik-Lok straps and hook-and-loop strips covered with gap caps for...

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