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PRODUCT CRTRLDGUe You've spent good money insulating your engine room to keep it quiet. RAILBLAZA's TracPort™ mounting system 'floats' above your insulation, providing a strong, versatile framework to hold fuel filters, pumps, battery switches, blackboxes and a whole lot more. You can add, move and remove equipment on TracPort without cutting more insulation from your engine room. You can even span across pipes, hoses and wiring looms, reclaiming more installation space! TracPort is also 100% compatible with RAILBLAZA's StarPort™ range of handy interchangeable accessories, including eyes, hooks, G-HOLDs and adjustable platform mounts. TracPort extrusions come in 0.5,1.0 and 1.5 m lengths, and are joinable. The big advantages of the TracPort system are: Adjustable positioning on the extrusion Floats above engine room insulation, hoses and wiring, etc Avoids drilling multiple holes in bulkheads and panels TRRCPORT STRRTER The basic extrusion, including mounting feet, endcaps, infill and all screws needed for installation. TracPort extrusions come in 0.5,1.0 and 1.5 m lengths, 2 mounting feet, joiner, infill cut to length, screws and bolts 01-1110-61 TracPortWOO Kit, WOO mm. Extrusion, 2 end caps, 3 mounting feet, joiner, infill cut to length, screws and bolts 4 mounting feet, joiner, infill cut to length, screws and bolts mounTinG PRDS Equipment may be screwed or bolted into the pad. For larger equipment, two or more pads may be used to bridge the equipment along the extrusion. Ideally suited for mounting fuel filters, pumps, battery switches and a whole lot more. Please note that this is NOT a StarPort accessory: the Mounting Pad bolts directly to the TracNut. TRRCPORT insTRLLRTion componenTS Used as a strong base for connecting custom Allows you to add another extrusion inline with equipment to your TracPort System. Supplied in an existing TracPort. A PVC insert to trim your TRACPort extrusion, if you need extra from what is supplied in your kit. +64 9 4261475 • PO Box 119 Waiwera, 0950 Auckland • 6 Tavern Rd, Silverdale 0932 Auckland • NEW ZEALAND

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Combining RAILBLAZA's innovative StarPort Mounting System to TracPort is a natural extension. TracPort offers a clean, adjustable, interchangeable storage solution for StarPort tasks. • StarPort accessories have a variety of lockable angles. removed and replaced with different accessories. the funda menta I mount want, to make it StarPort- The Adapter helps you maximise your StarPort system! StarPort Adapters are supplied in pairs. Can be positioned at any point within your TracPort system allowing the full range of StarPort accessories to be used. Extend the functionality of your engine...

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