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Versatile, Easy-to-Use Mounting Systems and Accessories for Leisure and Adventure Sports on and off the Water Made in New Zealand from high quality, long lasting, UV resistant materials

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Supplied with all necessary fasteners Twin Pack 03-4001-11 Black x 2 03-4001-21 White x 2 03-4014-21 White Single Pack 03-4015-11 Black 03-4015-21 White New easy release feature STARPORT Where The RAILBLAZA StarPort is a unique and versatile mount used in a huge number of applications. The StarPort allows users to fit and swap out our full range of RAILBLAZA accessories. Made from high grade engineering plastics, the StarPort is easy to fit and stylish. It can be surface or recess mounted on power boats, inflatables, sail boats, kayaks, ATVs, garages & many other applications... • StarPorts...

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Supplied with all necessary fasteners Supplied with all necessary fasteners Two applications in one. The CleatPort gives you a tie off point for stern lines and bow lines on small craft. The StarPort gives the extra functionality of adding any RAILBLAZA accessory. Included is a unique backing plate keeping stainless fastenings isolated from aluminium decks avoiding corrosion. 03-4104-11 StarPort TracMount Kit StarPort not included The TracMount kit allows you to attach StarPorts to leading brand kayak tracks, will fit many brands including Wilderness Systems, Scotty, Yak Gear, Yak Attack....

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insitu image RIBPORT Add useful StarPort attachments to your inflatable with a stylish glue on pad. Comes complete with StarPort, and suitable for both PVC and Hypalon tubes. Completely compatible with all StarPort accessories. insitu image ROWLOCK CLEATPORT RIBMOUNT Bringing the Functionality of the CleatPort to an Inflatable boat. Two applications in one.The CleatPort RIBMount gives you a tie off point for stern lines and bow lines on small inflatable boats. The StarPort gives the extra functionality of adding any RAILBLAZA accessory. The RAILBLAZA Rowlock adds the versatility of the...

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A number of RAILBLAZA accessories come as a kit with a StarPort and fasteners, making them great value for money. If you need to mount your accessory on a rail, inflatable, or vertical surface, then you need to buy an accessory by itself, and the right mount for your purpose. 02-4024-11 Fillet Table with platforms only 04-4024-11 Fillet Table including StarPorts and platforms FILLET TABLE When you need a bit of 'chop' on the water The 525 x 350mm (20.7x13.8in) design allows for knife storage, has an all round drain that stops spill from the front, and no front lip to get in the way while...

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DEVICE HOLDERS 02-4045-11 ScreenGrabba ScreenGrabba + StarPort Kit SCREENGRABBA These days chartplotter, sounder and even radar output can be read on popular consumer electronics. The ScreenGrabba holds your iPad, Galaxy Tab or other touchscreen firmly, even when it’s in a waterproof bag or case. • Fits 7”- 10” tablets • 360° rotatable • Over 90° tiltable • 250mm Max tablet size • Allows portrait & landscape viewing • Will hold most hard & soft dry cases Mobi only Adjustable Mobi Low Profile Mobi Mobi + StarPort Kits Adjustable Mobi + StarPort Kit Low Profile Mobi + StarPort Kit MOBI MOBILE...

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CAMERA MOUNTS 02-4037-11 Platform Boom 150 Black CAMERA MOUNT ADAPTOR The Camera mount adaptor will fit all 02-4053-11 cameras with a Camera Mount ¼ 20 thread insert Adaptor allowing them to become StarPort compatible. Also includes GoPro Tripod adaptor. Fits any RAILBLAZA mount as per pages 1-3 02-4036-11 Camera Boom 600 Black PRO SERIES BOOM MOUNTS The perfect way to hold your camera and capture the action when you're hauling in a record-breaking marlin or about to take line honours. At over 600mm (24in) long and fully adjustable with 5 moving joints, the Camera Boom 600 is so flexible it...

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Twin Packs 02-4004-11 Black HOOK25 Twin Packs 02-4003-11 Black EYE25 CupClam only 02-4013-11 Black 02-4013-21 White CupClam + StarPort Kits 04-4008-11 Black 04-4008-21 White CUPCLAM Can be mounted in either horizontally or vertically mounted StarPorts, to hold mugs, stubbies, wine glasses, even cellphones. The extendable fingers hold the taller items in place, yet everything collapses into a convenient flatpack for storage. If you can't hold your drink, the CupClam will. Twin Packs 02-4005-11 Black WEBEYE30 HOOK25, EYE25, WEBEYE30 These simple accessories can be used in a myriad of ways....

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DRINK HOLDERS/STORAGE Screws for optional permanent mounting Movable drinkholder partition 02-4048-11 Black 04-4048-11 Black incl StarPort StowPod only Including Star Adaptor & fastenings 02-4040-11 Black 02-4040-21 White StowPod + StarPort Kit 04-4040-11 Black 04-4040-21 White 02-4048-21 White 04-4048-21 White incl StarPort Star Adaptor can be vertical or horizontal mounted • Holds pliers, keys, lures, phones, VHF’s, binoculars, • Mounts on rails or inflatables by adding • 255mmW x 88mmH x drink bottles, sunblock, mugs & much more... • Movable drink holder partition • Mounts into any...

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03-4051-11 Rokk for RAILBLAZA Multipurpose Mount Platform only 02-4002-11 Black Platform + StarPort kit 04-4002-11 Black ADJUSTABLE PLATFORM ROKK MULTIPURPOSE The Rokk Multipurpose is a robust ball joint system. The bottom plugs into any port, and the top will receive any RAILBLAZA accessory. Add a platform and it will hold heavier sounders and GPS plotters. The metal on metal ball and socket system gives ultra high clamping force with zero loss of clamping force over time. Engineered to withstand high shock loading, tilt 270°, 360° rotation. Allows the attachment of any platform-type...

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STARPORT EXTENSIONS ADJUSTABLE EXTENDER StarPort Extenders plug into any StarPort, and have the same star shape on top with a clever little lock. The Fixed Extender gives you 125 mm (5 in) of clearance from the StarPort - perfect for raising RAILBLAZA’s Fillet Table, keeping fly rods clear of the water, and many other applications. With two rotating joints and a knuckle joint that tilts in 15° increments, the adjustable extender adds great versatility. When coupled with one of RAILBLAZA's large range of accessories, it helps keep hold of your emergency torch, fishfinder, or any number of...

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