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Paddle Sports Inflatable Boats Power Boats Versatile, Easy-to-Use Mounting Systems and Accessories for Leisure and Adventure Sports on and off the Water Sail Boats

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Twin Pack 03-4001-11 Black x 2 03-4001-21 White x 2 Single Pack 03-4015-11 Black 03-4015-21 White Supplied with all necessary fasteners STARPORT Where It Starts New easy release feature Supplied with all necessary fasteners 03-4004-51 RIBPort Grey 03-4004-11 RIBPort Black SIDEPORT If you need to mount on a vertical surface, but require a horizontal port (or vice versa), the SidePort is the mount for you. It's ideally suited for gunwales of smaller aluminium boats or vertical cockpit wells on kayaks. Fitted in only minutes, and sold with all necessary stainless steel fasteners the SidePort...

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RodHolder only 02-4020-11 Black 02-4020-21 White RodHolder + StarPort Kit 04-4020-11 Black 04-4020-11 White ScreenGrabba Black • Rotating collar helps reduce 'strike-theft' • Unique rear Gimble Lock feature • Fully adjustable • Holds most fly rods, spinning reel rods and baitcasters • Designed with strength in mind These days chartplotter, sounder and even radar output can be read on popular consumer electronics. The ScreenGrabba holds your iPad, Galaxy Tab or other touchscreen firmly, even when it’s in a waterproof bag. It allows 360° horizontal rotation and over 90° of tilt. Adjustable...

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CupClam only 02-4013-11 Black 02-4013-21 White CupClam + StarPort Kits 04-4008-11 Black 04-4008-21 White CUPCLAM Can be mounted in either horizontally or vertically mounted StarPorts, to hold mugs, stubbies, wine glasses, even cellphones. The extendable fingers hold the taller items in place, yet everything collapses into a convenient flatpack for storage. If you can't hold your drink, the StarPort CupClam will. G-HOLDS Holds varying types of items, like torches, knife sheathes, boathooks, oars, gaffs and much more. • Three diameters - 35, 50 or 75 mm (1.3, 2 or 3 in) • They install in any...

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PLATFORMS Chartplotters, sounders, cutting boards, cameras, and much more. Re-task your StarPort system with a removable surface, courtesy of a RAILBLAZA Platform mount. 02-4037-11 Platform Boom 150 Black 02-4036-11 Camera Boom 600 Black PRO SERIES BOOM MOUNTS The Platform Boom 150, will allow the mounting of heavier The perfect way to hold your camera and capture the action items – up to 2.5kg (5.5lb) – when you're hauling in a record-breaking marlin or about to including sounders and GPS displays, take line honours. At over 600mm (24in) long and fully but still give the flexibility of 5...

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MOUNTING OPTIONS ADJUSTABLE EXTENDER StarPort Extenders plug into any StarPort, and have the same star shape on top with a clever little lock. The Fixed Extender gives you 125 mm (5 in) of clearance from the StarPort - perfect for raising RAILBLAZA’s Fillet Table, keeping fly rods clear of the water, and many other applications. With two rotating joints and a knuckle joint that tilts in 15° increments, the adjustable extender adds great versatility. When coupled with one of RAILBLAZA's large range of accessories, it helps keep hold of your emergency torch, fishfinder, or any number of...

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MORE ACCESSORIES 02-4010-11 Black Base 02-4010-21 White Base 02-4009-11 Black Base 02-4009-21 White Base FLAGPOLE Light and strong, whether you need to mount a diving flag or just proudly display your allegiance to your club, sport, country or hoist the Jolly Roger. Easily removed for stowing. 800mmL (31.5”) FLAGWHIP Light, mobile & flexible, ideal for kayaks, ATVs or wherever you need to be seen. • Increase visual presence on the water or farm • 1200mm in length (47.25”) • Comes with 300 x 150mm pennant (12” x 6”) • Easily removed for transporting 04-4004-11 Black (All parts black)...

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LATEST ADDITIONS Movable drinkholder partition Screws for optional permanent mounting Star Adaptor position for vertical mounting StowPod only Including Star Adaptor & fastenings 02-4040-11 Black 02-4040-21 White Star Adaptor position for horizontal mounting StowPod + StarPort Kit 04-4040-11 Black 04-4040-21 White Star Adaptor can be vertical or horizontal mounted SailBoat Pedstal White • Holds pliers, keys, lures, phones, VHF’s, binoculars, • Mounts on rails or inflatables by adding other • Movable drink holder partition • Mounts into any vertical or horizontal StarPort drink bottles,...

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LATEST ADDITIONS NEW KAYAK VISIBILITY KIT Now you can buy everything in one kit to give day and night visibility when on the water in your kayak or canoe. TelePole extendable from 550mm (21.65”) to 1050mm (41.3”) Flourescent orange flag NaviLux 360 light to be seen after dark. Total height 1250mm (49.2”)when attached to fully extended TelePole. Light can also be transferred to other StarPorts on deck allowing cockpit illumination using directional light shield supplied. StarPort and mounting fasteners TelePole can also be used for other applications like camera mounting (see illustrations...

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LATEST ADDITIONS NEW 02-4039-11 Rokk for RAILBLAZA Platform Removable Light Sheild included NAVILUX 360 KAYAK LIGHT The new RAILBLAZA NaviLux 360° Light offers Cree Technology. The single Cree LED gives off 110 lumens of light. Powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included), the NaviLux 360 light has an operating time of 20 hours at full brightness. The new NaviLux 360 is designed to meet US Coastguard 2nm standard (approval pending). ROKK FOR RAILBAZA New to the RAILBLAZA range the Rokk Platform is a robust ball joint system allowing mounting for heavier sounders and GPS plotters. Metal on...

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ACCESSORIES & LIGHTS • Waterproof to 20 metres • 2nm US COAST GUARD APPROVED • 13-15 HRS Constant light • 80-85 Hrs Flashing light • 22-24 Hrs Forward Lights • 30-32 Hrs Stern facing Light • 70-72 Hrs Mood Lighting 4 Led’s only • Runs off 3 x AAA Batteries • USCG Approval 33 CFR 183.810 • Meets ABYC A-16 • 2 Nautical Mile visibilty 02-5001-11 LED NAVILIGHT Allround white • Waterproof to 20 metres • 2nm US COAST GUARD APPROVED • 10-12 Hrs all Lights on • 60 Hrs White Stern light only • 35 Hrs Red and Green lights only • 70 Hrs Red light only • 70 Hrs Green light only • Runs off 3 x AAA...

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