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PRODUCT CATALOGUE FARM STARPORT Where It Starts. RAILBLAZA StarPorts™ can be surface or recess-mounted on any ATV or utility vehicle. StarPorts are supplied in pairs with all mounting hardware. • StarPorts can be horizontally or vertically mounted • Low profile surface mount and minimal intrusion depth when recess mounting. • Each StarPort™ includes a stylish locking slide for securing accessories firmly in place. • Gasket and bung reduces water ingress. 03-4001-11 StarPort (Black) LoopHole/Bungy600 A low profile, stainless steel eye for tethering, with a 600 mm adjustable-length bungy (length includes hooks), fully interchangable into any other StarPort. 02-4015-11 LoopHole/Bungy600 Combo (Black) 02-4014-11 LoopHole only (Black) Adjustable PlatforM Mount Allows the attachment of any platform-type product to a StarPort, eg. utility tables, work surfaces, digital displays, etc. Adjustable angles forward and back 90° Supplied in singles. 02-4002-11 Adjustable Platform 04-4002-11 Platform + StarPort CUPCLAM Can be mounted in either horizontally or verticallymounted StarPorts, to hold mugs, stubbies, even cellphones. The extendable fingers hold the taller items in place, yet everything collapses into a convenient flatpack for storage. If you can't hold your drink, the StarPort CupClam will. 02-4013-11 CupClam 04-4008-11 CupClam + StarPort G-HOLDs Hold varying sizes of poles, like boathooks, shovels, picks, long stabby things... You get the idea. • Three diameters - 35, 50 or 75 mm (1.3, 2 or 3 in). • They install in any RAILBLAZA StarPort™. • The flexible quick-release strap has two securing points for minimum and maximum diameters G-HOLDs are supplied in pairs. 02-4006-11 G-HOLD35 (Ø35 mm) Black 02-4007-11 G-HOLD50 (Ø50 mm) Black 02-4008-11 G-HOLD75 (Ø75 mm) Black +64 9 426 1475 • PO Box 119 Waiwera, 0950 Auckland • 6 Tavern Rd, Silverdale 0932 Auckland • NEW ZEALAND

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STARPORT ATTACHMENT ADAPTER The StarPort Adapter is the fundamental mount for the StarPort System. Attach it to any item you want, to make it StarPort-compatible! The Adapter helps you maximise your StarPort system! StarPort Adapters are supplied in pairs. 02-3007-11 Adapter HOOK25, EYE25, WEBEYE30 These simple accessories can be used in myriad ways. WEBEYEs are crafted for webbing straps to reduce fold over. Each accessory is supplied in pairs. 02-4004-11 HOOK25 02-4003-11 EYE25 02-4005-11 WEBEYE30 FLAGWHIP Light, mobile & flexible, ideal for ATVs or wherever you need to be seen. •...

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TRACPORT Simple to use and install, the TracPort extrusion mounts to carriers or surfaces, and once installed you can add StarPort™ accessories to secure loose tools, hold gear trays, add removable work surfaces, hold rifles, strap down canvases and a host of other necessary tasks. The big advantages of the TracPort system are: • Adustable positioning on the extrusion • StarPort accessories have a variety of lockable angles • StarPort accessories can be removed and replaced with different accessories The TracPort500 Kit 1 is a fully equipped 500 mm extrusion complete with 2 G-HOLD75's, a...

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Star Port Spacer 0.26in 6.6mm G-HOLD AUS Reg. Design NZL Reg. Design USA Design Patent Adjustable Mount FlagPole Mount Dive Bottle Holder

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