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Camera Systems Innovative Process & Security Monitoring

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The aim of R. STAHL Camera Systems is to develop innovative and rugged camera systems that can be applied in industrial and hazardous areas throughout the world—and our latest product range meets all these requirements. Thanks to our latest development, the state-of-the-art SNF technology with sensor-controlled nitrogen filling, all our cameras are extremely rugged, ensure reliable long-term performance irrespective of tempera- ture, and are extremely lightweight at only 0.5 kg to 15 kg (1.1 lbs to Nitrogen Filling Gas- & Water-Proof Pressure Monitoring The low weight allows easy...

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STAHL Camera Systems - 4

Oil Rig / Crane - Applications Long-term performance, ruggedness and reliable operation for temperatures ranging between -40°C up to +75°C are the key features required for applications on oil rigs and platforms. Made of high quality stainless steel, our cameras are designed for long-term performance even under extreme conditions. The innovative Wash & Wiper system allows cleaning of the protective glass of the PTZ Cameras at any time; a motor that would require additional monitoring is not required. With the water tank certied for Zone 1, and which can be installed at a distance of up to...

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STAHL Camera Systems - 5

Safety & Security Monitoring While the number of personnel in a crew on oil rigs has been constantly decreasing in recent years, the workload has remained the same. However, to ensure site safety and security, highly efcient systems are needed for simultaneous monitoring and recording. The recordings aim to increase immediate security, and can also be used for crew training purposes and accident prevention. Panoramic Video Surveillance System: Dome Camera The lightweight (8 kg / 17.6 lbs) Dome Camera allows 360-degree panoramic surveillance on oil rigs. The 18x optical zoom ensures perfect...

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STAHL Camera Systems - 6

Marine & Tank Farm - Applications With our Compact, Zoom and PTZ Cameras, we offer a broad range of monitoring equipment ideal for applications on different vessel types (container, LNG tankers, FPSOs): the world’s smallest 55 mm Ex-zone Compact Camera monitors any inaccessible area; the Zoom and PTZ Cameras monitor any other activities and operations—even at extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +75°C. Process Monitoring R. STAHL’s camera and display surveillance systems enhance safety and security in any onboard operation. Either for monitoring routine operations, for operations...

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STAHL Camera Systems - 7

Safety & Security Monitoring Safety on board is important and should be guaranteed at any time for the crew, the equipment and the vessel. A camera and display surveillance system by R. STAHL helps to ensure onboard safety and security. By installing the cameras at key locations, the CCTV operator can monitor all the potentially hazardous areas—a vital aspect in particular when considering the decreasing number of personnel in a crew. Safety & Security Monitoring: PTZ Camera The PTZ Camera is the ideal solution for safety and security monitoring on board a vessel. Horizontal panning of...

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STAHL Camera Systems - 8

Land Rig - Applications Easy installation, lightweight construction and worldwide application are the criteria land rig cameras have to fulll. R. STAHL’s cameras meet all these required criteria: the Compact Camera with less than 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) is one of the world’s most lightweight and smallest explosion-protected cameras, and even R. STAHL’s heaviest camera—the PTZ Camera—only has a weight of 15 kg (33 lbs). Apart from the easy mounting and installation and the ruggedness of this camera, land rig operators appreciate its extreme temperature application ranging from -40°C up to +75°C....

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STAHL Camera Systems - 9

Safety & Security Monitoring The variety of operations and activities on a land rig require safety monitoring of the entire area, including warehouse and processing sites. R. STAHL’s PTZ and Thermal Imaging Cameras allow the creation of a perfect surveillance system for the entire area. Environment Monitoring: PTZ Camera The processing of hazardous goods is critical and requires constant monitoring. The 340° pan function, the 180° tilt function and the 18x optical zoom of the PTZ Camera allow customized patrols of specic land rig areas. Tank Farm Monitoring: Thermal Imaging Camera...

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STAHL Camera Systems - 10

Chemical / Pharmaceutical - Applications For security-relevant monitoring of complex processing systems, R. STAHL offers a comprehensive portfolio of monitoring equipment: a Compact Camera for monitoring hardly accessible areas, a Zoom Camera for close-up and long-distance surveillance, a 360° panoramic Dome Camera, and a PTZ Camera for complex panoramic surveillance. Controllable via ISview or SeeTec software, several 100 cameras installed in the production areas or hazardous areas can thus be integrated in a video surveillance and recording system that offers your company the highest...

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STAHL Camera Systems - 11

Process Monitoring To monitor every single detail in an industrial processing environment represents a real challenge. Our cameras are equipped with lenses for any viewing angle, and zoom functions to ensure perfect monitoring of any operation—in chemical environments as well as in pharmaceutical clean-room environments. Because SAFETY is of great importance to R. STAHL Camera Systems GmbH. Compact Camera Among the main features of the EC-710 Compact Camera is the small, compact and rugged design. With the xed lenses, the camera monitors any viewing angle in the processing area. Made of...

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STAHL Camera Systems - 12

Technical Data EC-710 Compact Camera Pan/Tilt range Weight SST: 0.7 kg (1.6 lbs) (incl. 5 m cable); 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) (without cable) Temperature range Total number of pixels Video output Lens glass Chemically hardened, strengthened oat glass, 5 to 7 times harder than ordinary glass ATEX and IECEx, further certications upon request Power consumption 12 VDC +/-10%, consumption 250 mA, heater ON, 85 mA heater OFF EC-740-AFZ Zoom Camera Pan/Tilt range manual vertical tilt 18x optical zoom / 12x digital zoom Temperature range Total number of pixels 4.1 mm (wide) to 73.8 mm (tele); 216x zoom...

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